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UFC Quick Quote: Luke Rockhold is a brown belt in 'legitsu'

It's not the color of your belt, according to Luke Rockhold, it's the legitimacy of the grappler wearing it.


"I've been in jiu-jitsu and grappling my whole life. I'm very aware of my body and how I move, and I've competed on a world level in jiu-jitsu and I've won. I may only be a brown belt, but I have two world championships at blue belt, one at purple belt and I actually turned down my black belt because I wanted to compete at brown belt and win a world championship and try to earn it a different way. Black belts are black belts, I'm very capable of beating anybody. I bring 'legitsu' to the table."

Thugjitsu? Pffft. So 2009. Besides, you haven't seen real grappling until you've seen Luke Rockhold's "legitsu" (via MMA Lives Here). But will he be able to implement his ground attack against Vitor Belfort without going to sleep in the process? The stage is set for their middleweight main event tomorrow night (May 18, 2013) at UFC on FX 8 from Arena Jaragua in Santa Catarina, Brazil, and the victor could be in line to take on the winner of the Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman title fight later this year. But you can't have "legitsu" without first being legit, something Rockhold wants to prove this weekend. Too legit ... too legit to quit (hey hey).

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