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Fitness Friday: Win a free Nike+ FuelBand courtesy of ViSalus and!

It might be time to fire your personal trainer, fitness friends, as we make it easier than ever to hold yourself accountable for both the volume and intensity of your daily exercise routine.

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Neilson Barnard

Yeah ... this is happening.

I called the boys at ViSalus earlier this week and told them it's time to reward our loyal readers for stopping by every week and dropping some knowledge in our Fitness Friday posts (like this one).

That's what makes this journey so great.

It's not about me getting on my soapbox and lecturing the unwashed masses about all the dos and don'ts of the fitness world, it's about presenting different concepts and creating a living, breathing knowledge database comprised of the community.

And, of course, our friends at ViSalus, who do most of the heavy lifting.

If you haven't learned anything new since we started this endeavor a few months back, or at least picked up a few tips, tricks or recipes like I have, then you need to start paying attention.

Like Limp Bizkit once said, "This is how we learn."

One of the reasons I aligned myself with ViSalus is because they're ahead of the curve. When I told them I wanted to give out some goods, they didn't send me a box of ugly fight tees adorned with bloody skull heads or babes in bikinis. We want you to win a fitness tool, not be a fitness tool.

As luck would have it, this is the perfect weekend to do it.

That's because is your favorite mixed martial arts (MMA) website and this Saturday night is UFC on FX 8: "Belfort vs. Rockhold," which takes place at Arena Jaragua in Santa Catarina, Brazil. That gives us the opportunity to put your combat sports knowledge to good use.

And win a Nike+ FuelBand in the process.

The Nike+ FuelBand uses a sports-tested accelerometer to measure your movement in NikeFuel, a universal metric of activity. Set a goal and decide how active you want to be. Then, get moving and see your progress along the way. Sync with the Nike+ FuelBand app and see your activity history, stay motivated, and connect with your friends.

Fitness accountability FTW!

Here's a video of the Nike+ FuelBand in action.

In addition to the Nike+ FuelBand, ViSalus will also include one of its "Fit Kits" to help you reach your fitness goals. Not familiar with the ViSalus Fit Kit, designed for athletic performance? Tsk, tsk. Click here to get the 411 and thank me later.

So ... what do you have to do to win? It's simple...

STEP ONE: Become a FAN and "Like" the official ViSalus Facebook page by clicking here AND follow it on Twitter (@ViSalus) if you don't already.

STEP TWO: Provide your fight prediction for the Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold main event at UFC on FX 8 (ex. Belfort defeats Rockhold via technical knockout in round two at 1:39; or Rockhold defeats Belfort via unanimous decision in round five at 5:00).

So it's winner, round, method and time. One entry per reader ... so make it count! If you pick a decision, be sure to include the official time, as well as guess the potential scores for each round (10-9, 10-9, 8-10, etc.)

And, to be on the safe side, all entries that pick a decision win MUST include a tie-breaker pick from the Ronaldo Souza vs. Chris Camozzi co-main event. Same criteria as above. Heck, we might even throw in a few prizes for second and third place, because that's how we roll.

To enter, leave your picks in the comments section below. Get moving! Contest ends Saturday night (May 18) at 9 p.m. ET sharp!

Fitness Friday is sponsored by ViSalus. Opinions expressed are solely of the author. For more information on the ViSalus line of products click here.

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