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Wanderlei Silva says there’s a ‘big probability’ he will knock Chael Sonnen out and break his nose if given the fight

Blood sucking, nose breaking and knockouts, oh my! Wanderlei Silva has been in a very violent mood since Chael Sonnen called him out for a fight. Is it high time this bout is booked?

Not only does Wanderlei Silva want to suck Chael Sonnen's blood, should they ever find themselves locked inside the Octagon, "The Axe Murderer" also wants to arrange a meeting between his knees and "The American Gangster's" nose.

Speaking to ESPN, Silva says while no one at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) headquarters has contacted him about a potential fight, the former PRIDE middleweight (205 pounds) champion is down to scrap against a man who has spent a majority of his time badmouthing Brazilians.

And while Sonnen has proven to be a tough out for anyone not named Anderson Silva or Jon Jones, Silva is confident he won't be taken down by the predictable wrestler. To top it off, Wanderlei wants to breaks the Republican's nose and perhaps even knock him out in the process.

His words:

"I'm training right now and waiting. I have a guy asking are you going to accept a challenge -- man, nobody has contacted me officially. The boss don't call me, so I'm waiting. The probability I knock out Chael Sonnen is very big. Man, everybody knows his game. He is never going to take me down and I'm going to break his nose with my knee."

Chael ignited a fire under the Brazilian brawler last month when he issued a challenge via Twitter.

Silva, apparently unaware of the gauntlet laid down by Sonnen, issued a statement on "UFC Tonight," saying he wants to "hurt" Chael the "joke," who would always be second place.

The higher-ups at ZUFFA have not yet mentioned a word about a potential clash between the two light heavyweights, but a main event slot at UFC on Fox Sports 1 -- which is currently without a headlining act -- would be a nice treat for the fans of Boston.

Sonnen and Silva are already busy promoting the fight, so UFC officials might as well book it, right?

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