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Nick Diaz's War MMA promotion targeting summer debut event in California

Could Nick Diaz be the next Dana White? It appears he's at least taking the first baby steps.


What, did you think Nick Diaz was joking?

They don't play like that in Stockton, homie.

Many scoffed at the announcement that Diaz was planning to start up his own mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion, even creating his own website, but Sherdog is reporting that Diaz actually applied for a temporary promoters license, submitting the necessary paperwork and everything.

Here's what California State Athletic Commission Executive Director Andy Foster had to say on the matter:

"Once all mandatory paperwork has been submitted the onus will fall on me to grant Diaz the temporary license.However, Diaz cannot apply for that date and location through the CSAC until his temporary license is granted. If the temp license is awarded and the first War MMA event runs smoothly, Diaz could then appear before the CSAC at the next official meeting and apply for a full promoter's license."

According to Sherdog's source, the Diaz camp is targeting a June 22 event date at the Stockton Arena and also has plans to stream the event live on the Internet.

Still no word on what fighters would even be available to compete on one month's notice, but apparently Diaz is significantly closer to pulling this thing off than many gave him credit for.

Diaz was last seen competing for the UFC welterweight title and losing a relatively one-sided five round decision to champion Georges St. Pierre in the main event of UFC 158. There is no word when he plans to return to actual fighting.

Will the event go down without a hitch? It will be interesting to see how he handles media obligations for both fighters and the promoter.

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