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Shoot! video: Luke Rockhold getting paid by UFC to beat Vitor Belfort's ass and take a free vacation

I get the feeling Luke Rockhold doesn't mind flying south to fight Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX 8 this weekend in Brazil, since it's basically a free vacation -- with pay -- for beating "The Phenom's" ass.

"I've done all my homework when it comes to fighting Vitor. It's just gonna be instinct when I get in there. I'm gonna pick him apart just like any other guy in front of me. I'm coming out there to be the best in the world and Vitor is is my way. I'll reflect on it once I do beat him. Fighting Vitor in his backyard just motivates me more. I also get a free trip out of it. I get paid to go and beat someone's ass and get a free vacation."

Well, I suppose that's one way to look at it. The last man to wear 185 pounds of gold under the now-defunct Strikeforce banner, Luke Rockhold, will make his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut against a man who knows a thing or two about championships, Vitor Belfort, in the upcoming UFC on FX 8 main event this Saturday night (May 18, 2013) at Arena Jaragua in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Rocky already beat one high-profile Brazilian and this weekend, looks to defeat another. But is all this talk about "The Phenom" going to come back and bite him in the ass on fight night? We''l find out in just a few days when Rockhold enters the "jungle."

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