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Ricardo Mayorga's MMA debut victory overturned for illegal blow; fighter suspended three months

Ricardo Mayorga had his MMA victory overturned to a "No Contest" and is suspended from competition for three months after the Nicaraguan Mixed Martial Arts Commission deemed the knee strike he used to win the fight landed illegally to the spine of his opponent Wesley Tiffer.

Al Bello

It seems some athletic commissions in this world are capable of providing justice after all.

Boxer turned mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Ricardo Mayorga had his debut MMA victory (watch it here) overturned to a "No Contest" on Sunday (May 12, 2013) when Nicaraguan Mixed Martial Arts Commission chairman Ardeshir Zack Asagary announced the knee strike "El Matador" landed to defeat Wesley Differ at Omega MMA 8 was deemed illegal.

Coming in twenty pounds over the contracted weight, Mayorga stepped into an MMA cage for the first time last Friday (May 3, 2013) in his hometown of Managua, Nicaragua, and was dominated for two-and-a-half rounds by Tiffer before nearly being submitted with a triangle-armbar combination in the third round.

Instead of trying to escape the submission hold with technique, Mayorga threw and landed a knee strike directly to Tiffer's spine. Tiffer immediately let go of the submission hold and held his back in pain. Mayorga landed a few follow-up punches and was declared the victor by (technical) knockout.

Tiffer and his team were immediately infuriated by the result of the contest, but Mayorga was already in the ring celebrating as fireworks went off in the background.

Tiffer appealed the result of the contest and after one week of deliberation, the commission decided Mayorga's knee strike was indeed illegal and the outspoken 40-year-old has had the win stricken from his record and is suspended from MMA competition for three months.

While the process leading up to the fight and the fight itself did not go as smoothly as Tiffer and his team would have liked, his coaches are happy the correct decision was made at the end.

"When we were down there a lot of weird things happened from the referee having beers with Mayorga at the end to the doctor telling us the day before there's nothing wrong with him being approved to fight after coming in twenty pounds overweight," Tiffer's head coach Nick Ugoalah told "That all left a bad taste in our mouth. So when this came out we were happy because the head of the commission seemed pretty ethical."

"He has other people down there who can overwhelm him at times, but he's one of the ethical guys and he looked at it and saw Wesley had a scan at the hospital from the night of the fight and it showed where the inflammation was on his spinal column. So I'm actually really pleased and I think Nicaragua has a really good chance to do something in MMA, but if they were to let a fight like Mayorga's get through with the type of atrocity that happened -- that would set them way back."

Whether or not Mayorga plans to compete again in MMA after this latest revelation is unknown at this time; however, Ugoalah did say that Tiffer would be open to a rematch given the right circumstances.

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