WAR MMA: Is UFC welterweight Nick Diaz starting his own mixed martial arts promotion?

If you can't beat 'em ... start your own!

It appears that former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight number one contender, Nick Diaz, has decided to start his own combat sports promotion titled "WAR Mixed Martial Arts," according to Layzie the Savage at Middle Easy.

[Nick Diaz] is looking to start his own fight promotion out of Stockton, CA. Check out @nickdiazpromo & stay tuned for more info. #MMA Make sure to follow @NickDiazPromo for more information on @NickDiaz209's new #MMA promotion "War".

See for yourself at

The former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion, who failed to get his hands around gold at UFC 158: "St. Pierre vs. Diaz" earlier this year in Montreal, insists he's going to stay retired following his second straight loss inside the Octagon (unless this happens).

However, a promotion run by Diaz could be a dream come true for some fighters.

You don't have to show up for press conferences, smoking marijuana is considered part of training and you don't have to lessen your fight purse with a silly little thing like state taxes. Oh, and if you lose, you can just blame it on the other guy for being scared.

No word yet on how much he'll charge for Wolf Tickets.

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