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UFC Quick Quote: Luke Rockhold is good enough to ‘systematically break down' Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX 8

UFC flyweight contender Ian McCall shares his opinion on how next Saturday's (May 18, 2013) UFC on FX 8 main event between Vitor Belfort and Luke Rockhold will play out.


"Luke is a really, really good prospect -- I don't even know if we can call him a prospect anymore he's a legitimate champion in Strikeforce. Vitor's Vitor, he's been phenomenal forever. Now that he's rejuvenated he's back on point. He kicked Bisping's head into like the fourth row I think. I think that -- I want to say Vitor but I don't know. Luke is good enough to systematically break him down I think. Can Luke deal with the power? Because obviously Vitor hits really hard. So, I think it's going to come down to where Vitor's at really, because we know where's Luke's at. He seems to have his act together where Vitor's kind of like me, he bounces around and kind of gets confused."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight Ian McCall shares his thoughts on the UFC on FX 8 main event of Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold with Rick J Lee. "Uncle Creepy" is of the opinion that Belfort can win if he is mentally sound going into the fight, but if not Rockhold is capable of breaking down "The Phenom." Belfort is famous for his strength in the early portion of fights, and if Rockhold can get through that and manage to overtake the pace and flow of the action, the chances of winning the fight will be tipped in his favor.

Do you feel the result of the upcoming middleweight contenders match ways as heavy on Belfort's mental state as McCall thinks? And is the relatively unproven Rockhold indeed good enough to "systematically break down" the former light heavyweight champion? Find out in less than one week.

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