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Nick Newell issues statement on being stripped of the XFC lightweight title

One-armed fighter Nick Newell responded to being stripped of the XFC lightweight title via a statement on his official Facebook page.

Photo via Nick Newell's Twitter

EVERYBODY CALM DOWN! First of I AM NOT UNDER CONTRACT WITH THE XFC. XFC promoted a fight that didn't exist yet.

The headlines are misleading and imply that I was stripped of my title because I refused to fight when in fact I just chose not to renew my contract with the XFC. I am not scared to fight anybody.

I have been through too much in my life to be scared of any man. All you have to do is look at one of my fights to see my heart & my fearless style. This has nothing to do with me being scared. It is more so just an attempt to bully me into a contract.

XFC trash talking me and trying to slander my name upsets me more then anything but they are promoters. XFC is promoting, thats what they do. They have to try and make their guys look as good as possible and I'm not one of their guys so it is at my expense.

Even though Scott is bad mouthing me as well, I have no ill will towards him. I consider myself to be a professional and as a professional I choose to stay away from negative talk towards other fighters, but I understand that he is an unfortunate victim of circumstance.

Definitely not scared just have my eyes on bigger pastures.

Love you all,
Nicholas G. Newell

The now former Xtreme Fighting Championship (XFC) lightweight champion Nick Newell took to his official Facebook page on Friday (May 10, 2013) evening to share his side of the story regarding being stripped of the XFC title.

XFC President John Prisco stated in an interview that Newell was unwilling to accept a fight against No. 1 contender Scott Holtzman on June 14, 2013 and as a consequence was stripped of his title and parted ways from the organization.

Unhappy with the fact he was perceived as someone who would decline a fight, the 27-year-old immediately posted a message on his Twitter account asking fans not to judge until his side of the story came out.

Hours later, Newell shared that side and accused XFC officials of trying to bully him into a contract extension when he had never signed to fight Holtzman and was looking to opt out and pursue other contract offers he has received.

It seems both parties are no longer interested in working with each other and Newell will continue to fight elsewhere and actively work towards his dream of one day competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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