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UFC Quick Quote: Chael Sonnen would have taken Jon Jones' belt 'and never looked back' if broken toe forced UFC 159 stoppage

Chael Sonnen would have had no problem with winning the UFC light heavyweight title at the expense of Jon Jones' injured toe, admitting he would have taken the belt, high-tailed it out of New Jersey and never looked back.

Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting

"Diplomatically, you don't ever want to win that way [via injury]. The ones that hurt are those you are supposed to win and then blow it -- you do something, work against yourself and open that window for your opponent. When you're getting beat up, and you don't get a 'gimme,' that's not going to keep me up at night. That's my diplomatic answer. In reality, I would have grabbed that belt, snatched the microphone and told the crowd, 'he with the gold rules' and I would have walked out to the boos and never looked back."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight Chael Sonnen shares his reaction on what would have happened if his UFC 159 fight with Jon Jones (watch highlights here) was called off at the end of the first round because of the gruesome injury to the toe of "Bones." Jones' dislocated big toe likely would have forced the fight to be stopped at the end of the first, which would have resulted in Sonnen winning the championship by (technical) knockout via injury. On Tuesday's (April 30, 2013) edition of "UFC Tonight" on FUEL TV, Sonnen stated that while winning the bout under the circumstances wouldn't have been the ideal situation, he would have taken the win in any form it came and had no qualms about it. For more news and notes on UFC 159 be sure to check out our complete event archive here.

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