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Video: Watch Georges St. Pierre on 'Breakfast Television' promoting his new book 'The Way of the Fight'

How does Georges St. Pierre feel about his upset loss to Matt Serra? Or being bullied as a child? Find out the answer to those questions (and more) in his new book, "The Way of the Fight."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre had a lot of downtime while he was recovering from kneehab. So much, in fact, that he used his time to pen a book about his life, titled "The Way of the Fight."

"Rush" talks to "Breakfast Television" about his life as a martial artist:

"Training camp is about eight weeks. The training is not really enjoyable. I like it, but not like now. I can have fun with my friends, go out, but I still train. I train all the time, I'm a martial artist. I don't train only because I have a fight. That's the difference between a fighter and a martial artist. A fighter will only train when he has a fight. A martial artist will do it because it's part of his life. Even if I was to retire tomorrow, I would still do it, all the time."

St. Pierre is now 2-0 since returning from the injured reserves.

After beating Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in front of his hometown fans, the soon-to-be celluloid supervillain turned away Nick Diaz at UFC 158 last month in Montreal. He's expected to make his next title defense against Johny Hendricks later this year.

St. Pierre's book goes into detail about everything from his job as a garbageman, the pressure of being world champ and of course, his shocking loss to Matt Serra way back at UFC 69. "There is no excuse," GSP said. "In a fight, it's not the best fighter who wins, it's the fighter who fights the best."

"The Way of the Fight" hits book shelves on April 23, 2013.

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