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UFC Quick Quote: Melvin Guillard felt he 'couldn't win' with the Blackzilians

UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard left the Blackzilians fight team recently and has finally spoken out. Find out why he felt in his heart that he couldn't win on that team below.


"Ultimately what lead me to leave was just, I felt in my heart that I couldn't win with that team. They're a great group of guys, the coaches are world renowned, but the chemistry for me, there was no recipe for success. When I step into a gym, I want to have a game plan all the way through. I want to see it through and I want to have coaches that will be on my side on my hip, day in and day out, and I didn't really have that with a lot of coaches there...They're a great group of guys. They have so much talent on that team, but I just felt in my heart, me personally, that I couldn't win with that team. So I just had to move on."

-- UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard has been through quite a rough patch in the last 18 months. "The Young Assassin" was on the verge of title contention after winning five straight bouts but after switching from Jackson's MMA to the Blackzilians at Imperial Athletics, his fortunes quickly soured. Guillard has lost four of his last five bouts, most recently dropping a decision to Jamie Varner which prompted him to leave the Florida gym. He discussed why he felt he wasn't in the right training environment during a recent appearance on Knockout Radio. While Guillard wasn't accepted back into the fold at Greg Jackson's gym, he seems to have found a new home in Denver at Grudge Training Center with Trevor Wittman. Do you think the change of environment will bring him back to his winning ways?

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