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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 Finale results and live UFC fight coverage for 'Faber vs. Jorgensen' on April 13 in Las Vegas

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns home TONIGHT (Sat., April 13, 2013) for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 Finale at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will unleash its latest mixed martial arts (MMA) event, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 Finale, tonight (Sat., April 13, 2013) from Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

TUF 17 Finale features a main event between perennial 135-pound contenders Urijah Faber vs. Scott Jorgensen, while the top middleweight finalists from this season's combat sports reality show, Uriah Hall and Kelvin Gastelum, will hook 'em up for a shot at the "six-figure" contract.

Also scheduled for the "Sin City" fight card is the second-ever women's UFC bantamweight bout between Miesha Tate vs. Cat Zingano, as well as a heavyweight contest that pits Travis Browne against Gabriel Gonzaga. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire card this evening, starting with the Facebook "Prelims," which are scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m. ET, right on through the FUEL TV-televised under card bouts and then main card action, which is slated to air at 9 p.m. ET on FX.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 17) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Faber vs. Jorgensen."

Without further delay, see below for the latest TUF 17 Finale results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


135 lbs.: Urijah Faber vs. Scott Jorgensen - Faber wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:16 of round four
185 lbs.: Uriah Hall vs. Kelvin Gastelum (TUF 17 tournament final) - Gastelum wins via split decision (29-28x2, 28-29)
135 lbs.: Miesha Tate vs. Cat Zingano - Zingano wins via TKO (knees) at 2:55 of round three
265 lbs.: Travis Browne vs. Gabriel Gonzaga - Browne wins via knockout (elbows) at 1:11 of round one
185 lbs.: Bubba McDaniel vs. Gilbert Smith - McDaniel wins via submission (triangle/armbar) at 2:49 of round three
185 lbs.: Josh Samman vs. Kevin Casey - Samman wins via TKO (strikes) at 2:17 of round two
185 lbs.: Luke Barnatt vs. Collin Hart - Barnatt wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28x2)
185 lbs.: Dylan Andrews vs. Jimmy Quinlan - Andrews wins via TKO (punches) at 3:22 of round one
185 lbs.: Clint Hester vs. Bristol Marunde - Hester wins via TKO (elbow) at 3:53 of round three
145 lbs.: Bart Palaszewski vs. Cole Miller - Miller wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:23 of round one
145 lbs.: Maximo Blanco vs. Sam Sicilia - Blanco wins via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
145 lbs.: Daniel Pineda vs. Justin Lawrence - Pineda wins via submission (Kimura) at 1:35 of round one


Urijah Faber vs. Scott Jorgensen

Round one: Faber opens with some nice strikes to back Jorgensen off and he grabs a head lock but Jorgensen fends him off with double underhooks along the fence. Faber takes inside position in the clinch but Jorgensen takes him down. Faber works back to his feet and Jorgensen tries to drag him down again but Faber sits out and stays on top. Jorgensen keeps pressing towards him but Faber nearly takes his back in a scramble and they reset on the feet. Leg kick from Jorgensen and Faber responds with a crisp left hand and a right uppercut. Huge knee to the body from Faber and Jorgensen turtles. Faber takes his back with both hooks in and he's got two minutes to work. Body triangle from Faber and he's dropping heavy right hands. Faber is trying ot soften Jorgensen up and Jorgensen somehow escapes the position, although Faber nearly latches on a guillotine choke. Faber latches on a guillotine choke and they scramble and Jorgensen frees himself. Faber takes Jorgensen's back again but can't get the submission before time expires. 10-9 Faber

Round two: Inside leg kick from Faber and it looks like it landed low. They take a break and reset and Faber scores with a knee up the middle. Faber has his hands low and lands a push kick. Uppercut from Faber and he fends off a takeodwn attempt nicely. Good counter knee from Faber and he's getting the better of these exchanges on the feet. They go to the ground and Faber is on top inside Jorgensen's guard. They scramble and pop to their feet and Jorgensen scores with a left hand as Faber rises. Left from Faber and Jorgensen fires back again. They trade a bit and remain on the feet until the round ends. 10-9 Faber

Round three: Knee from Faber and he's snapping his right hand well. Leg kick from Faber and he's the more confident and active fighter at the moment. Big right hand from Faber and then a head kick. Jorgensen lands a knee to the body and an uppercut up the middle but he misses with a big left. Faber drops a left to the body and then another. Good left from Faber catches Jorgensen on the chin and they clinch with Jorgensen taking inside position. Left hand from Jorgensen and he tries to take Faber's back standing but is content to hold a reverse body lock but Faber fights out of it. Combination from Faber and he shoots in with a big takedown with 10 seconds left in the round. Jorgensen turtles and Faber takes his back but can't sink in any choke. 10-9 Faber

Round four: Jorgensen opens with a big shot and Faber responds with a heavy combination. Left hand from Faber and Jorgensen shoots in but gets stuffed. Huge elbow from Jorgensen and Faber responds with a right hand. Knee up the middle from Faber and he's trying to work his movement and feints but there's not as much zip on his punches. Faber shoots in and gets a takedown, taking Jorgensen's back and he's got a body triangle. Faber is working for a rear naked choke and he sinks his forearm underneath Jorgensen's neck and he forces the tap.

Final result: Urijah Faber defeats Scott Jorgensen via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:16 of round four


Uriah Hall vs. Kelvin Gastelum (TUF 17 tournament final)

Round one: Gastelum has control of the cage center early and he's bouncing around with frenetic energy. Gastelum tries to get some strikes going and Hall drops his hands trying to force him to trade but Gastelum clinches and throws some knees and a shoulder strike. They separate and Gastelum connects with a solid leg kick. Front kick from Hall to the body and he wings a head kick but it's blocked. Jab from Hall and Gastelum throws a nice leg kick. Big shot from Gastelum backs Hall up, potentially rocking him. Gastelum shoots in and takes Hall down, passing to half guard and dropping some nice punches on the ground. Hall retains full guard Hall and then scrambles back to his feet. Leg kick from Hall and then a snapping push kick. Hall shoots in for a takedown at the end of the round and briefly gets it but Gastelum pops to his feet. 10-9 Gastelum

Round two: Body kick from Hall and another. Spinning kick from Hall connects to the body and Gastelum misses badly with an overhand left. Gastelum shoots in for a takedown and he gets it, dumping Hall on his back and passing to half guard. Gastelum works for strikes but Hall sweeps him. Big knee from Hall as Gastelum pops to his feet and he scores with a huge left hand. Gastelum wants none of that and he shoots in, clinching with Hall along the fence. Trip from Hall and he's on top in half guard now. Short elbow from Hall and Gastelum turtles, popping to his feet but Hall has a reverse body lock. Knee to the thigh from Hall and he lifts Gastelum up with a huge suplex slam but Gastelum pops to his feet and presses him into the cage. 10-9 Hall

Round three: Leg kick from Hall and a body kick. Head kick from Hall is blocked and Gastelum is bouncing around all over the place again. Left jab out of Hall and Gastelum shoots in and slams him, but Hall scrambles free and takes him down, dropping heavy punches. Gastelum is in trouble and he escapes, clinching with Hall along the fence. They disengage and Hall wings a head kick but it's blocked. Gastelum throws an overhand left that scores and an inside leg kick. Hall needs to land something but Gastelum shoots in and takes him down. Hall retains guard but he's stuck on bottom. Hall thinks about an armbar but gives up on it. Hall needs to get up or Gastelum could win back the round. Gastelum dives on an armbar at the final second but Hall steps over and twists free. 10-9 Gastelum

Final result: Kelvin Gastelum defeats Uriah Hall via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Miesha Tate vs. Cat Zingano

Round one: Tate immediately shoots in and works for a takedown, although Zingano scrambles to her feet. Tate has a head lock and is fighting for control of Zingano and now she's pressing Zingano into the fence. Knee from Tate to the thigh and Zingano has a guillotine choke standing. Zingano is leaning back on the choke but Tate squirms free. They trade strikes and both ladies land some flush shots and Tate shoots in for a single leg, taking Zingano down. Tate tries to force a choke but Zingano sweeps her and she's on top in side control now. Elbow from Zingano and they go back to standing. Tate throws wildly and shoots in for another takedown but Zingano stuffs it. Huge knee from Zingano and they trade big shots again. Left hand from Zingano and Tate shoots in for a takedown and gets it again. Zingano is bleeding out of her nose as Tate tries to work a few short elbows from above. Good right elbow from Tate and she stays on top until the horn sounds. 10-9 Tate

Round two: Zingano opens with a pair of kicks and Tate shoots in and takes her down again. Tate is trying to pass to side control and she postures up, dropping some punches. Tate dives for an armbar, going bellow down but Zingano rotates and escapes. Zingano turtles but Tate stays on top, smothering her and taking top position, briefly passing to mount. Tate is now in side control and she briefly takes Zingano's back but Zingano sweeps her. Tate drops fo ra leg lock and Zingano tries to twist free. Hammer fist from Zingano and she starts elbowing Tate's thigh. Zingano steps over and now she's on top, dropping elbows on Tate. Big punches from Zingano and she's unloading with blows from half guard. More right hands from Zingano and Tate gets to her feet. Tate shoots in for a takedown but Zingano stuffs her at the horn. 10-9 Tate. Zingano came on strong late but not enough to make up for Tate's early strength.

Round three: Big left jab from Zingano and she shoots in for a double leg and gets it. Zingano passes to side control and is looking for a mount opportunity but Tate turtles and shoots in for a single but gets denied. Zingano punches her and Tate drops to her back again. Big punches from Zingano and Tate is bleeding now as well. Tate is taking a beating from Zingano and she drops a shoulder strike and and elbow. Left hands from Zingano and Tate is taking a hug ebeating. Tate tries to get up and eats a HUGE knee. Tate is in big trouble and eats ad knee again. Huge knees from Zingano and then a monster elbow and Tate drops. The ref stops it. AMAZING and brutal finish by Cat Zingano! WOW!

Final result: Cat Zingano defeats Miesha Tate via TKO (knees) at 2:55 of round three


Travis Browne vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Round one: Gonzaga quickly closes the distance, clinching along the fence and hunting for a takedown. He has a hold of Browne's leg but Brown batters him with elbows along the fence. The elbows are hurting Gonzaga and Gonzaga drops to the ground and he's out! Damn that was violent!

Final result: Travis Browne defeats Gabriel Gonzaga via knockout (elbows) at 1:11 of round one


Bubba McDaniel vs. Gilbert Smith

Round one: Left hand from McDaniel and Smith clinches but gets pressed into the fence. McDaniel is just dwarfing him here. Knee from Smith and McDaniel lands a huge elbow. Leg kick from McDaniel and Smith catches it and takes him down, diving into his guard. Easy sweep from McDaniel and Smith is dumped on his back. McDaniel drops an elbow on Smith and some short punches but Smith grabs a single leg and takes him down, reversing the position. Smith isn't doing much from top for now and he slowly passes to half guard. McDaniel scoots towards the fence and he's trying to cage walk as Smith desperately hangs on to a leg. McDaniel drops some elbows and Smith drags him down again along the cage. McDaniel latches on a guillotine choke and Smith gives up position to escape it and he takes top position in half guard. McDaniel passes to side control. McDaniel drops a knee to the body as time expires. 10-9 McDaniel

Round two: Body kick from McDaniel and he lands a crisp combination that hurts Smith briefly. Smith responds by lunging inside and clinching along the fence working for a single leg takedown. Now McDaniel has inside position and Smith counters with another single leg attempt but he can't get it. They disengage and McDaniel starts going to work with his striking from the outside, landing several low kicks and working his right hand. Smith wings a left hook and grabs onto a guillotine choke but McDaniel escapes by leaping to the opposite side and now he's on top again on the ground. Elbow from McDaniel. Smith turtles and covers up and McDaniel drops some left and right hands. Smith rolls trying to retain guard but McDaniel has an arm pinned down and drops some elbows from half guard. They escape back to their feet and McDaniel flashes his right jab. He throws a combination at the end of the round and Smith covers up. 10-9 McDaniel

Round three: Good left hand from McDaniel and Smith fires back with a body kick. Smith shoots in for a takedown but McDaniel stuffs him easily and is on top in half guard. Smith turtles and McDaniel is riding him from behind, thinking about taking his back. Smith avoids getting his back taken and shoots into McDaniel but he lands right into a triangle choke. McDaniel tightens it and straightens out his arm and Smith taps.

Final result: Bubba McDaniel defeats Gilbert Smith via submission (triangle/armbar) at 2:49 of round three



Josh Samman vs. Kevin Casey

Round one: Casey tries a body kick and gets knocked to the ground when Samman kicks out his other leg. Samman pounces on his fallen opponent and falls right into Casey's triangle choke. Casey rolls over to the fence with Samman trapped, then switches to an armbar. Samman stands up with Casey hanging on his arm and twice drops the "King" on his head. Casey finally lets go and sweeps on top when Samman tries to set up in his guard. Casey controls the right ankle of Samman as he backs up, then comes down to Samman's open guard. Casey is landing right hands and elbows until Samman decides to wrap up and slow the pace. Samman throws up his legs for a triangle attempt of his own but can't come close. Casey is keeping busy enough with his top attack and body punches to keep the fight on the ground. Samman nearly sweeps but Casey stays heavy on top and keeps picking away with left hands. Samman gets to his feet with 40 seconds left and works Casey's body with knees in the clinch to close out the round. 10-9 Casey

Round 2: Samman picks up where he left off, putting Casey on the fence and softening up the jiu-jitsu specialist with knees in the clinch. Casey tries to offer knees in return, but Samman goes upstairs with his knees now and drops Casey to the ground at the foot of the fence. Casey gets back up, still trapped in Samman's Thai clinch and now with a massive mouse on the outside of his right brow. Samman is cut around the corner of his left eye, but he keeps punishing Casey with knees. Casey drops again, and the ref steps in to put a halt to it.

Final result: Josh Samman defeats Kevin Casey via TKO (strikes) at 2:17 of round two


Luke Barnatt vs. Collin Hart

Round one: Hart puts Barnatt on the outside quickly and pops the Englishman with leg kicks and punches to the body. They tie up and it's Hart on the outside, then trying to take Barnatt's back as they move along the perimeter. Barnatt throws Hart down, lets him up and lands a good knee to Hart's body in the clinch. Hart answers with a hard left hook as they split, then comes forward and walks into a couple right hands from Barnatt. As he moves forward, Hart catches Barnatt with a kick to the cup. Barnatt recovers quickly and they're back to work, with Hart rushing at Barnatt and landing a good hook. Barnatt seems dazed as Hart wraps him up and throws him to the ground. Hart gets on the back of the 6-foot-6 fighter but loses his grip as Barnatt scrapes him off against the cage. Barnatt lands a knee to the breadbasket but catches an overhand left on the chin. Barnatt tries to leap at Hart with a knee and gets caught up in Hart's counters. Though he's arguably been getting the better of the striking exchanges, Hart's face is messy with blood. He catches Barnatt with some winging punches before trying to latch on to a leg. Barnatt turns him away but Hart swarms him with overhand punches on the cage. Barnatt lands a stiff jab just as Hart connects with a hook, and they finish in a clinch on the fence. 10-9 Hart

Round 2: Hart walks through Barnatt's jab to catch him with a left hand. Barnatt tries a leaping knee as he resets, but he misses and gets tagged with another Hart combo. Barnatt lands a standing elbow and backs Hart off with a straight left. Back to the clinch they go, but Barnatt won't stay there this time, exiting with a knee to the body. More hooks and elbows land for the "Bigslow," answered by a flurry of wild hooks from Hart. Barnatt's face is marked up now, too, mostly around the outside of his right eye. He tries a spinning elbow and gets wrapped up by Hart, who lets go after nearly being tripped down. Midway through the fight now and Barnatt sticks Hart with a jab; Hart lands four quick punches to the Englishman's body. Hart kicks the leg out from Barnatt and gets a momentary respite from the taller man's jabs. When Barnatt gets back up, Hart puts him on the fence. Barnatt grabs a standing kimura and rolls through to try and finish with an armbar on the floor. Hart gets to his feet, but he's trapped in a modified guillotine. Barnatt perhaps senses he won't finish with the choke and releases to pop Hart with a knee. Barnatt slips on a kick and finishes the round with Hart in guard. 10-9 Barnatt

Round 3: Hart is coming forward slowly, walking into jabs and hooks from the fresher Barnatt. A push kick from Barnatt is nearly caught, but he pulls his leg free to continue striking. After 90 seconds of his, Hart pushes Barnatt against the fence. Barnatt stays there only a few seconds before escaping with a standing elbow. A hard right hook and more jabs come from Barnatt; Hart rushes in behind a flurry of punches to clinch again. Barnatt turns him around and pushes off, now with two minutes remaining. Hart changes levels for a single-leg, eats an elbow and moves around to Barnatt's back. Barnatt gets dumped to the floor but pops back up right away. They break up and now it's Hart on the offensive, cracking Barnatt with a right hand. Barnatt is finally looking fatigued with about 70 seconds left in the fight, but he still manages to work his jab and sock Hart with a nice right hook. Hart shoots one last single and hits a takedown with 15 seconds left. Barnatt grabs a guillotine in the process; it's not tight, and time expires. 10-9 Barnatt

Final result: Luke Barnatt defeats Collin Hart via unanimous decision (29-28x2 30-27)


Dylan Andrews vs. Jimmy Quinlan

Round one: Quinlan wastes no time getting in on a single-leg, dragging Andrews to the ground after a short struggle. The Australian gets back up instantly and defends a double-leg on the fence by widening his base and pushing down on Quinlan's head. Andrews socks Quinlan with right hands as the grappler keeps trying for the takedown, now working on a single-leg. With 3:15 left in the round, Quinlan puts Andrews on the ground and sets up in side control, leaning right to left. Andrews gets a hook on Quinlan's leg and sweeps him over the top, escaping to his feet. Quinlan immediately grabs hold of Andrews on the cage again, prompting a call for action from referee Tognoni. The ref splits them up with just under two minutes remaining and Quinlan tries to get inside with a pair of hooks. Andrews takes a step back and waits for Quinlan to come forward. When he does, Andrews is waiting with a right hand to the temple that puts Quinlan on his knees. Andrews stays standing and unloads with a dozen or more vicious, unanswered right hands to his turtling opponent.

Final result: Dylan Andrews defeats Jimmy Quinlan via TKO (punches) at 3:22 of round one


Clint Hester vs. Bristol Marunde

Round 1: Damn this start is brutal. Neither man landing any significant offense in the opening 90 seconds, though Hester flicks out a few jabs. Marunde connects with a glancing overhand right before the 185-pounders go back to feinting and moving. A step-in uppercut from Marunde connects midway through the round, but after the single punch, Marunde goes back on the defensive against the boxer. Marunde looks to duck inside and is met by a stiff jab. He catches a front kick and dumps Hester to the ground near the fence, setting up in the "TUF 17" fighter's guard. Marunde looks to control Hester's arm, but Hester hips out and pops back to his feet, where he drops Marunde with a hard right hook. Marunde is on his knees, grabbing for Hester's ankle while Hester drops punches down on him. Marunde finishes the ankle pick and rides out the last 20 seconds of the round on top. 10-9 Hester

Round 2: Marunde sticks a jab and slides backward, away from Hester's right hand. Hester ducks an overhand right but can't counter Marunde's wild punch with anything. The middleweights tie up and Hester drills Marunde with a couple knees in the Thai clinch. A slow-motion Marunde head kick goes off Hester's forearm, but the right hand behind it lands. Marunde slips on a high kick and winds up on his knees with Hester sprawling on his shot. Marunde keeps after the high single-leg and puts Hester on the ground with two minutes to go. Hester grabs the wrists of Marunde and tries for a triangle, but Marunde pulls out. As he stands, Marunde eats a huge upkick from Hester and drops to his knees. Hester lets Marunde back to his feet and zaps him with a big right hand, then a hard left hook. Marunde is dazed but still throwing (and landing) punches in return. Marunde shoots another single and Hester sprawls again, pushing Marunde's face into the canvas. Marunde is back on his feet, but he's quickly shooting again to finish the round after taking another Hester right hand to the temple. 10-9 Hester

Round 3: Marunde ducks under a big right hand from Hester and latches on to another single-leg. Hester sprawls on it once again and forces Marunde to stand back up after escaping. The punches are coming slow from both men now, so Hester backs up and leaps at Marunde with a knee. Marunde shoots, gets sprawled on and stands back up, now being held on the fence, where Hester lands a pair of punches. Marunde shoots once again and Hester denies it with a sprawl. This time, Hester looks to keep control and spin around to back control. He can't get it, so he socks Marunde with punches until they stand back up. Marunde lands a right hand as he gets up, answered by a nice right cross from Hester. Jabs are scoring now for Hester, who mixes it up with some knees to the body in the Thai clinch. Marunde leans forward and a standing elbow to the left side of his temple takes the legs right out from under him. Ref Mazzagatti knows this one is over and steps in before Hester can do any further damage to his downed opponent.

Final result: Clint Hester defeats Bristol Marunde via TKO (elbow) at 3:53 of round three



Bart Palaszewski vs. Cole Miller

Round one: Leg kick from Palaszewski and Miller attempts a high kick but it's really bad. Nice combination from Palaszewski and Miller is backed off. Another combination from Palaszewski and he's scoring much better and more powerfully than Miller. Miller is trying to utilize his reach but Palaszewski doesn't have much respect for it. Big leg kick from Palaszewski and he's scoring right above the knee. Heavy body shot from Palaszewski and he throws a massive right hand that's partially blocked. Palaszewski has complete control of this fight now and Miller is backing up big time. Miller shoots in for a takedown and he gets it. Palaszewski gives up his back and Miller has one hook in, then another. Miller has his forearm across Palaszewski's jaw and he locks it in like a rear naked choke, cranking hard. He torques so hard that his forearm slips underneath Palaszewski's jaw and he's forced to tap.

Final result: Cole Miller defeats Bart Palaszewski via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:23 of round one


Daniel Pineda vs. Justin Lawrence

Round one: Big takedown from Pineda to get things started but Lawrence cagewalks back to his feet. Pineda attempst to take him down again and he puts Lawrence on his back with his second effort. Pineda passes to half guard then side control and he latches on a Kimura. He torques the elbow and Lawrence taps. Very impressive finish by Pineda.

Final result: Daniel Pineda defeats Justin Lawrence via submission (Kimura) at 1:35 of round one


Maximo Blanco vs. Sam Sicilia

Round one: Blanco throws a high kick and slips. Sicilia tries to pound but Blanco transitions to a takedown and puts Sicilia on his butt along the fence. Sicilia seems to be fine for now and he's remaining composed, popping back to his feet and he's got a Kimura but they disengage. Leg kick from Blanco and Sicilia returns fire. Uppercut from Sicilia just misses and he throws a combination to back Blanco off. Combination from Blanco and they're heating up a bit now. Sicilia is really looking to score with that huge right hand of his and he's trying to set it up with a straight left. Spinning kick from Blanco and it backs Sicilia off. Sicilia tries to get inside, hunching forward and winning that right hand but he can't connect flush. Blanco stops Sicilia in his tracks with a left jab.Leg kick from Blanc but Sicilia returns fire with a right hand. Nice right hand from Blanco as the round concluded. 10-9 Blanco

Round two: Big right hand from Sicilia and he steps forward with a left and right and Blanco drops. Sicilia presses him into the fence but Blanco has cleared the cobwebs and now Sicilia looks like he's just wasting his time. Blanco gets to his feet but he's grabbing the fence as Sicilia clinches. Knee from Sicilia and they separate. Sicilia presses forward with big shots and he eats a huge shot from Blanco. They have a huge exchange along the fence and Blanco gets the better of it as both men connect with monster shots. Blanco drops down, eats a knee and takes Sicilia down, passing direction to mount. Sicilia is eating some elbows and he turtles, scrambling to his feet. They separate and both men are busted up. Left jab from Blanco and Sicilia responds with an uppercut. Sicilia throws a front kick but it's partially blocked. Blanco lunges forward but eats a big right hand that stops him in his tracks. Blanco presses forward again and this time he scores with some nice left and right hands. 10-9 Sicilia

Round three: Blanco immediately goes to work with a big combination, rocking Sicilia standing. Sicilia tries to clinch for a moment and backs off. Spinning kick from Blanco and he scores with an inside leg kick. Blanco appears to be the fresher fighter, but Sicilia scores with a huge right hand. Big left hand from Blanco and Sicilia is in trouble. Sicilia drops to his knees looking for a takedown and Blanco tries to latch onto his neck. Sicilia turtles to avoid it and pops to his feet, pressing Blanco into the fence. Blanco ducks under and takes Sicilia down but he pops right back to his feet and unloads a combination. Axe kick attempt but Sicilia avoids it. Nice right hand from Sicilia and he presses forward with a takedown attempt but Blanco stuffs it and he's in control as Sicilia turtles. Sicilia pops to his feet and Blanco lands a couple knees. They pop to their feet for the final 10 seconds and wing bombs until the fight concludes. 10-9 Blanco

Final result: Maximo Blanco defeats Sam Sicilia via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


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