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GLORY 6 results, LIVE kickboxing fight coverage for 'Saki vs Ghita 2' from Istanbul

Glory 6 will broadcast live from Istanbul, Turkey, this afternoon (Sat., April 6, 2013), headlined by a long awaited rematch between Gokhan Saki and Daniel Ghita. The kickboxing action is scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m. ET and run all afternoon into early evening. will provide round-by-round LIVE results of all the action below.

This afternoon (Sat., April 6, 2013) a world-class kickboxing rivalry will continue when world No. 3-ranked heavyweight Gokhan Saki once again clashes with No. 2-ranked rival Daniel Ghita in the GLORY 6 main event at Ulker Sports Arena in Istanbul, Turkey.

At stake in the contest is a crack at reigning GLORY Heavyweight Champion Semmy Schilt, who defeated Saki via unanimous decision in the semifinal stage of the GLORY 4: "Tokyo" Heavyweight Grand Slam Tournament in Dec. 2012. While the Turk is making redemption his business for another chance at Schlit, Ghita is looking to avenge his loss to Saki in extended round overtime back in 2010.

Also adding to the big boy action is another heavyweight clash on the pay-per-view (PPV) main card between Brazil's Fabiano Cyclone and Mourad Bouzidi of the Netherlands.

Of course, MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of GLORY 6: "Istanbul," starting with the online PPV broadcast at 1 p.m. ET, which you can watch online all afternoon RIGHT HERE.

Check out GLORY 6 quick results and play-by-play coverage below.


95+ kg: Gokhan Saki def. Daniel Ghita via TKO in R2
95+ kg: Mourad Bouzidi def. Fabiano Cyclone via corner stoppage in R2
95 kg: Filip Verlinden def. Lucian Danilencu via decision
85 kg: Marc De Bonte def. L'houcine Ouzgni via KO in R1
77 kg: Nieky Holzken def. Karim Ghajji via cut stoppage in R4
70 kg: Andy Ristie def. Alessandro Campanga via decision
77 kg: Joseph Valtelini def. Murat Direkci via corner stoppage in R3
70 kg: Max Baumert def. Ismail Uzuner via KO in R1
65 kg: Dong Su Kim def. Naoki Yasuda via decision

Peter here!

Daniel Ghita vs. Gokhan Saki

Round one: Saki opens with some poking low kicks. The crowd is already chanting for Saki. Ghita is covering, trying to pick some shots. Saki answers with three punch combinations. Ghita walks Saki down. Saki catches a kick and kicks out Ghita's leg. The fall appears to have messed up his arm a little. Ghita coming back with a heavy combination. Ghita now walking Saki down, again. Ghita pumping out the body kicks. Saki lands a nice hook at the end of a three punch combination. Saki slips off of a kick. Saki trying to fly in with three punch combinations and get back out. But Ghita is still working his kicks well. Hard rounds to call.

10-9 Saki

Round two: Ghita stalking in. Pumping out kicks. Saki and Ghita exchanging leg kicks. Ghita again flies in and out, lands a nice hook to the face. Ghita stalking Saki to the ropes. Ghita kicks and slips. Back in the center of the ring. Saki and Ghita are going back and forth a la Bloodsport with kick and counter kick. Now Ghita pushing forward. A few nice combinations to the body. Saki pouring it on now. Ghita is hurt and the hooks keep coming. Saki lands another hook and knocks Ghita down. Ghita is up and back down again with another hook. Ghita wills himself back up but doesn't look like he knows where he is. After the count, Saki is back on Ghita and gets the ref stoppage.

Final result: Gokhan Saki def. Daniel Ghita via TKO in R2


Fabiano Cyclone vs. Mourad Bouzidi

Round one: Mourad starts off the action liking that three-two leg kick combination. Mourad just working Cyclone's leg. Cyclone lands a kick to the body and Bouzidi slips. Cyclones now starting to throw hard to the head. But Mourad is still throwing two-inside leg kick. Lead feint-inside leg kick, repeat. Mourad fades past a head kick and lands another leg kick. Cyclone's lead leg has to be ugly. Murad lands a lead hook and backs Cyclone to the ropes. Another left hook hurts Cyclone. Cyclone clinches. Bouzidi is going hard to finish it but it gets to the bell

10-9 Mourad.

Round two: Cyclone lands a counter body kick in the opening. Cyclone is now coming alive, dropping bombs and backing up Bouzidi. Mourad answers with more two punch combinations into the low kick. Cyclone now fading into his old bad pattern in round one. Cyclone gets warned for an illegal throw. Bouzidi comes in, Cyclone answers with a three punch-kick combination. Cyclone slips and is limping on his way up. Bouzidi lands another leg kick and Cyclone falls again. The corner throws in the towel.

Final result: Mourad Bouzidi def. Fabiano Cyclone via corner stoppage in R2


Filip Verlinden vs. Lucian Danilencu

Round one: They start off circling. Lucian is throwing feelers with quite a bit of power on them. Filip lands a hard low kick. Lucian is starting to put combinations together but isn't really landing. Filip is starting to open up a little. Nice kick and two punch combination lands hard for Filip. Filip is landing his straights now. He comes up with a big knee up the center that grazes Lucians head and wobbles him. Lucian is really starting to feel the effects of his reach disadvantage. Another big combination from Filip. Filip is just pushing his man back even when he's not landing clean.

10-9 Filip

Round two: Lucian tries to punch in and eats an inside leg kick. And again. They now exchange kicks. Filip is countering basically every strike with a leg kick. Lucian tries to com in hard. Filip opens up with a huge combination going to the body and ending in a high kick. Lucian is tough as hell, not showing any sign of damage in spite of all the blows he's taking. Now Filip is starting to deter Lucian, countering every entry. Lucian now sitting on the outside, trying to hammer in some long blow, but landing nothing. Filip stalking in now, throwing combinations.

20-18 Filip

Round three: Lucian throws a stiff jab and eats a leg kick for his trouble. Filip goes high with the kick but it mostly gets deflected. Lucian starting to put an offense together, again, but still isn't landing much. Big overhand by Lucian, by far his best shot of the fight. Filip now slipping and countering. Filip comes in with a big knee, and another combination. Filip going repeatedly to the body. Lucian throwing one at a time and getting deflected. Filip lands a big combination and attempts a flying knee. Filip trying to hammer in the right, left to the body in the final thirty seconds. And it ends with another combination from Filip.

30-27 Filip.

Final result: Filip Verlinden def. Lucian Danilencu via decision


Marc De Bonte vs. L'houcine Ouzgni

Round one: OUzgni jabbing in. Turns in to a flurry real quick. Ouzgni lands a nice straight right. Marc answers with a big combination ending in an uppercut. Marc getting stalked. Marc comes in hard with a knee that lands right on the button and Ouzgni is down for a full count.

Final result: Marc De Bonte def. L'houcine Ouzgni via KO in R1


Karim Ghajji vs. Nieky Holzken

Round one:Karim poking at his man with some low kicks and jabs. Holzken lands a big knee, then slips. Holzken lands a combination but gets countered by Karim. Karim is chopping down Holzken's lead leg, repeatedly. Holzken trying to return fire but nothing is getting through. Spinning wheel kick to the head, followed by another leg kick. And another combination. And Karim follows it with a flying knee for good measure. Holzken now starting to land some knees up the middle. Holzken finally starting to land some counters but the long combinations are making this the Karim show. Now Holzken is turning on, lands two hooks in a row then goes to the body.

10-9 Karim

Round two: Karim opens with a one two and kick. Holzken returns fire. Now it's turning into a shootout with Holzken going hard to the body. counter hook by Karim takes away Holzken's momentum. Another right uppercut counter by Karim. Holzken lands a straight right over the top that does some damage. Karim still owning the volume of offense. But it's all being answered by Holken. Then go back and forth with flying knees. Holzken's hooks to the body are coming out mean and are adding up. Karim is pushing Holzken back with high-low punch combinations. Karim landing some straights from the outside. This is a difficult round to call.

19-19 All.

Round three: Karim pumping out the one two, again. Karim is throwing a lot of body kicks while Holzken is trying to size up his body hooks, judiciously. Holzken getting backed up a lot. Karim now loading up on hooks to the body. Karim turning it on. Holzken answers with a combination but he doesn't have the same stank on his punches than he did in round two. Spinning kick misses badly. Holzken now plowing forward, landing some nice uppercuts. Karim looks hurt. They start slugging wild. Holzken lands a combination putting Karim to the canvas with a straight punch. Karim trying to pour out whatever is there but Holzken is finding Holzken's head with every big shot. Holzken may have just stolen this one.

29-27 Holzken

Round 4: The fight is ruled a draw and heads in to overtime. They are brawling right from the start. Holzken appears to be fighting a little tighter but Karim is pouring it on. Holzken bounces his man back with a straight shot. Karim is throwing everything he's got but very little is landing. Karim puts together a hard combination. Holzken walks his man back to the ropes and is pounding Karim hard to the body. Karim dancing along the ropes but can't get away from a steady stream of Holzken punishment. Nice uppercut means that Karim is still in this game. A giant cut gets opened up by a Holzken knee and he gets the win via cut stoppage.

Final result: Nieky Holzken def. Karim Ghajji via cut stoppage in R4


Alessandro Campanga vs. Andy Ristie

Round one:Quick exchange of kicks. Campanga comes over the top with a straight right. Risitie literally jumping inside range. Campanga catches the kick but lets it go. Campagna slips. Campagna landing that right hand over the top really well when Risitie kicks. Risitie throwing lots of kicks but having trouble managine the range. Another kick catch and what may be an illegal trip but it's not called. Risitie lands his first really good shot with a hook over the top. Campagna putting some combinations together, now. Ristie is stuffing the range to avoid getting unloaded on but not doing anything with the clinch.

10-9 Campagna

Round two: Campagna working the old one-two again. Risitie lands a nice, stiff shot. He has Campagna backing up but they keep clinching.Risitie has some bad intentions on that overhand but it keeps wiffing. Campagna now landing a knee every time they clinch up. Ristie puts a nice combination, together. Wild spinning kick from Campagna totally misses. Campagna looks to be fading, but he's still getting the better of the exchanges. Campagna working the jab now, but Ristie punches his way in, gets a good one. Risitie finally going to the body. They slip at the end of the round. Cut opening up over Ristie's eye.

19-19 All

Round three: Campagna opening up. Ristie charges in hard, turning this into a brawl. Ristie is literally jumping behind his hooks and uppcercuts, Rocky style. Most of it's missing but some of it's getting through. Solid straight right counter from Ristie. Campagna now throwing some volume to try and take the round back. Another slip by Ristie. Campagna now starting to land combinations but in short bursts as the men are clinching, often. Ristie is landing the harder shots but Campagna is way ahead on offensive output. In the final thirty seconds it's anybody's game. Campagna now bleeding badly. Nice head kick from Campagna. At the bell, this may go to overtime.

29-28 Campagna... maybe...?

Final result: Andy Ristie def. Alessandro Campanga via decision


Joseph Valtelini vs. Murat Direkci

Round one: Joe trying to poke at his man, early. Murat throws a little heavy but backs off. Joe getting through with that jab- low kick. Murat throws heavy hooks and puts Joe on his heels. Joe lands a knee to back Murat off. Murat lands a hard hook that really puts Joe back. Murat comes in with heavy hooks again. The action slows down a little and Murat lands another big hook. Joe throwing hard but looks like he is getting the worst of it. Then Joe turns the tide with an uppercut knockdown. Joe now lighting his man up with low kicks. They clinch up and exchange some knees. Joe rallies with one last big series at the end of the round.

10-8 Joe

Round two: Murat coming forward hard but Joe is now countering up on the more aggressive fighter. Murat on the receiving end of some serious combinations as he mores forward. Joe's power side low kick is landing every time. Joe slips backward off of a kick. They tie up and Murat lands a few hooks from the clinch. Joe now working uppercut-hook combinations. Murat against the ropes. Murat turns it around and tries to pressure but gets clipped with another uppercut. Murat on the ropes again. He takes a beating. Murat breaks off and makes some space. He takes a bad headkick and Murat is on the canvas, again. Murat tries to move forward and eats an uppercut and another low kick.

20-15 Joe

Round three: Murat now eating combinations. Joe parts his man's hair with a spinning heel kick. The corner throws in the towel for Murat. Joe gets the win.

Final result: Joseph Valtelini def. Murat Direkci via corner stoppage in R3


Max Baumert vs. Ismail Uzuner

Round one: Max comes in hard. He eats a body kick and comes back with one of his own. Baumert slips in the clinch. Huge kick exchange ends in a cup check. Uzuner comes in hard with hands, almost scores the knockdown but it's ruled a slip. Max covering and landing some hard counters. But Uzuner is getting some through just by volume. Uzuner landing the low kick at the end of his combinations. Uzuner appears to be cut. Baumert is still covering and picking his shots. Uzuner also starting to be a little more judicious. Jab and head kick comes over the top by Baumert and puts Uzuner to the canvas for a full 10 count.

Final result: Max Baumert def. Ismail Uzuner via KO in R1


Dong Su Kim vs. Naoki Yasuda

Round one: Close set of rounds, Kim appears to win on volume. (View of the first round was interrupted due to technical issues)

10-9 Kim

Round two: They come out early and clinch. Kim is aggressing forward with hands. Yasuda coming back in kind. First thirty seconds are like one long flurry. Kim is landing with a right uppercut and a low kick. Yasuda lands a hard knee as they clinch up. That right uppercut by Kim is sneaking in every time but it doesn't visibly bother Yasuda. Kim is now starting to work the teep more effectively. Kim just appears to be out landing. Yasuda now works the right knee twice in a row. Kim is landing that straight right every time he wants it, now. Three switch kicks to the body by Kim in a row. More Teep and right straight by Kim. Kim slips and Yasuda pounces on him for the best offense he's had all round.

20-18 Kim

Round three: Yasuda opens with a big kick that widds. Another long flurry with a lot of landing. Kim seems to get the better of it. Yasuda lands a body kick but once again repeatedly eats the straight cross. Yasuda puts a nice straight-head kick combination together. Yasuda now starting to rally. Yasuda now stuffing Kim, shoving him and landing some hard hands and knees. Yasuda coming back to life, but it may be too little, too ,late. Kim still landing that cross but he's fading. Yasuda now pushing and bullying Kim. Shove and straight punches. Yasuda now working the teep. He needs at least a knockdown to win. Kim just hanging on now as Yasuda lands another big series.

29-28 Kim

Final result: Dong Su Kim def. Naoki Yasuda via decision


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