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UFC on FOX 8: Melvin Guillard opens up about assault charges, being turned away from Jackson's MMA

Melvin Guillard has experienced one of those most turbulent careers in UFC history. Can he overcome this latest obstacle and get back to his winning ways in Seattle?


Longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight Melvin Guillard hooked up with the Florida-based Blackzilians' camp (see why here) after leaving Jackson's MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on what he says were "good terms" back in early 2012.

When it was time to come home, "The Young Assassin" quickly learned he was no longer welcome.

That came as a surprise to the former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 2 star. Particularly when some of his dirty laundry was aired in public, courtesy of this report that revealed Guillard would be answering charges for assault later this month in Bernalillo County.

Guillard explains his side of the story to ESPN:

"That was an incident that happened when I first got to Jackson's. To put it all out there, I'm fighting charges because I was jumped by a general manager and five security guards. My hands never touched anybody. There were five fans that I bought drinks for and when they saw me get jumped, they commenced to jump on the security. That's as far as I'm going to get into this. I shouldn't even be saying that much. It's weird because that happened in early 2010 and now all of a sudden when I try to go back to Jackson's, somebody leaks out that I'm fighting assault charges. I'm like, 'Wow. It's 2013.' I don't want to get into who voted to take me back and who didn't. I did get to talk to coach Greg personally after the fact and he told me, 'Look, right now we have some guys against it and it's just not a good time, but that doesn't mean you can't come back [eventually].' Greg left it up to the team and I understand that."

If Guillard can put his legal troubles behind him, he may have a fighting chance to stay alive inside the Octagon.

"The Young Assassin" has been paired off against fellow TUF guy Mac Danzig as part of the upcoming UFC on FOX 8 fight card, scheduled for July 27, 2013 at the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington. After going just 1-4 in his last five fights, he positively cannot afford another loss.

One more gets you the door (proof here).

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