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ONE FC 8 results: Live online play-by-play updates, coverage for 'Kings & Champions' from Singapore

Buckle up and WAKE UP because ONE FC 8: "Kings & Champions" is set to pop off this morning (April 5, 2013) from Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore, beginning at 6 a.m. ET. And is your home for up-to-the-minute coverage of ONE FC 8, which features widely known stars such as Shinya Aoki, Melvin Manhoef and Jens Pulver, among others, from start to finish below.

Aoki with dramatic underlighting weighs-in for his ONE-FC title fight
Aoki with dramatic underlighting weighs-in for his ONE-FC title fight

One Fighting Championship (ONE FC) is all set to kick off its eighth mixed martial arts (MMA) event TODAY (Fri., April 5, 2013) from the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore.

ONE FC 8: "Kings & Champions" will stream LIVE online for just $9.99 on, beginning promptly at 7 a.m. ET. Meanwhile, the under card prelims will air FREE OF CHARGE at the same virtual destination, starting at 6 a.m. ET.

In the ONE FC 8 main event, Lightweight champion Kotetsu Boku will put his 155-pound title on the line against Brazilian jiu-jitsu savant Shinya Aoki. Boku is coming off an upset defeat of Zorobabel Moreira back at "Rise of Kings" in Oct. 2012, which earned him the promotion's inaugural division title.

Boku and Aoki have both stated that they plan on dropping down to Featherweight after this fight, win or lose, so it appears that the winner will promptly vacate the belt. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of ONE FC 8: "Kings & Champions" below (SCROLL DOWN!), beginning with the under card at 6 a.m. ET and transition into the pay-per-view (PPV) portion of the card about one hour later.

While we countdown to showtime, check out the weigh-in photos here and enjoy the gratuitous Asian ring girl flavor pic below.



Main Card

155 lb. title: Kotetsu Boku vs. Shinya Aoki - Aoki wins via submission (rear-naked choke) (2:01 rd. 2)
185 lbs.: Melvin Manhoef vs. Brock Larson - Larson wins via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Jens Pulver vs. Masakatsu Ueda - Ueda wins via submission (D'arce choke) (3:52 rd. 2)
130 lbs.: Thanh Vu vs. Kevin Belingon - Belingon wins via TKO (strikes) (1:00 rd. 2)
145 lbs.: Arnaud Lepont vs. Eddie Ng - Ng wins via submission (armbar) (4:45 rd. 2)
135 lbs.: Yusup Saadulaev vs. Leandro Issa - Issa wins via unanimous decision
125 lbs.: Rene Catalan vs. Alex Silva - Silva wins via submission (armbar) (4:54 rd. 1)
145 lbs.: Bashir Ahmad vs. Shannon Wiratchai - Ahmad wins via unanimous decision

Preliminary Card

205 lbs.: Swain Cangco vs. Jake Butler - Butler wins via TKO (tapout to strikes) (rd. 1, 2:54)
125 lbs.: Chen Yun Ting vs. Ronald Low - Ting wins via TKO (unanswered strikes) (rd. 1, 3:58)

If you plan to purchasing the $9.99 PPV click here.

Braiterman here all morning long!

155 lb. title: Kotetsu Boku vs. Shinya Aoki

Round one: Boku in the black with his back to Aoki (and the camera) in the cage. Aoki in the white. Good ol' No Face is very hard to submit, but this is Aoki we're talking about here. Fifteen seconds in and Aoki shoots and initiates a scramble. Aoki monkey's up Boku's back and he's got one hook in. Aoki with some elbows and punches to soften up Boku. Aoki gets a neck crank, but Boku rolls to his back and escapes. Aoki in half guard and working on a D'arce. Aoki passes to half and this D'arce looks tight. Boku rolls, but Aoki holds onto it. Aoki on top now and is able to land a few knees to the prone Boku. Boku is defending well so far, but he's still in deep trouble. Aoki lets go and hits another knee to the head. Boku stand momentarily, but Aoki swings him down again and is still in half-guard. Boku with some tiny punches from bottom and Aoki answers with a good forearm/elbow. Aoki passes to mount, and tries for an armbar, but the cage is preventing him from stretching it out. Aoki kicks Boku in the face multiple times as they're both on the ground until time expires.

Round two: Aoki gets a clinch as Boku is coming forward and takes him down. This time it's 20 seconds into the round. Half guard for Boku. Some punches from Aoki and he passes. Boku rolls to his knees and Aoki has his back, but with no hooks. Suddenly Aoki gets an arm under the chin and rears back. He snaps his hooks in and latches the arm tight. Boku tries to escape but taps and we've got a new (but perhaps temporary) lightweight champion.

Final Result: Shinya Aoki wins via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:01 of round 2

On cue, Aoki unleashes the waterworks in the post-fight interview. Unsurprisingly, the announcer conveniently ignores that Aoki has said he's going to drop a weight class and states "we look forward to you defending your belt for many years to come."


185 lbs.: Melvin Manhoef vs. Brock Larson

Round one: Wow. Melvin destroys with the walk-in music. Classical music + MMA is always a good mix. Infinitely better than country music + anything. Larson in gray and Manhoef in his standard black trunks. No clue why he got away from the gladiator shorts - I miss them. Melvin feints a couple of low kicks to try and get a long shot from Larson. Both fighters are keeping distance from each other as the crowd complains. Larson finally throws a left a minute in and it lands. Manhoef is slowly walking Larson down, very wary of the takedown. High kick misses from Manhoef. Very slow round, as both fighters are showing the utmost respect for each other's strengths. All of a sudden, Larson shot for a long takedown that gets stuffed and Melvin seized the opportunity to throw a big head kick. Larson literally sprints away from Manhoef who chases him down and hits some GNP. Larson shoots for an ankle lock which Manhoef worms away from. Melvin hits a knee in the clinch that gets chest and not chin. Larson struggles for a takedown and doesn't get it as the round ends.

Round two: The slow pace continues and Shimada is urging action. We've finally got action, but it's a yellow card for both fighters. Melvin hits a low kick and another to the head. Personally, I think Manhoef is "winning" enough, as he's the one pressing forward this whole time, so I think he can give up some chances to Larson if he so chooses. Larson shoots, Melvin stuffs and juuuuust misses a knee to Larson's face. Melvin hits a high kick that's partly blocked but knocks Larson off-balance anyway. Manhoef standing over Larson and is raining down some punches. He tries for a soccer kick, but Larson scoots away. Manhoef follows and Larson latches onto an ankle. Manhoef defends and works free.

Larson controls the foot and uses it to keep Manhoef off his feet as he gets on top. Larson gets to the back and threatens a rear-naked, then a kimura and finally latches onto an armbar. Manhoef stands and tries to shake him off, but just puts himself tighter. It's on tight and Manhoef is mere seconds away from tapping when the bell rings! Wow, Manhoef had his left hand raised to tap when the bell sounded.

Round three: Slow start yet again, but after a minute, Larson shoots and hold onto a single. He whips Manhoef around to try and throw him down, but doesn't succeed. Manhoef stumbles towards the cage and Larson has his back. Larson eventually drags him down and is now on top. Larson is landing tons of unanswered punches and elbows here. He's on top and has hit something like 40 or 50 with just a thumbs up from Melvin in answer. Manhoef regains guard for a second, but Larson passes again - first half, then side. Still more ground strikes from Larson and Manhoef is bleeding badly. These commentators don't seem to understand how judging works, and think Larson is still losing and needs to go for broke here. Game over.

Unless something really weird happens here, Larson has won the vast majority of the time they spent actually clashing. We'll see in a minute.

Final Result: Brock Larson wins via unanimous decision, despite the announcer's silliness.


135 lbs. [Bantamweight Grand Prix semifinal]: Jens Pulver vs. Masakatsu Ueda

Round one: As is tradition whenever Pulver is fighting, I note my concern for his well-being, as he's been on a rough streak for years. The caliber of his wins has not been high, and quite a few of his losses have been to mid-caliber fighters (at best). Bit Little EagleEvil is here and so is Ueda, and we're gonna hope to see a good match. Ueda in blue trunks and Pulver in blue spandex. Pulver checks a low-kick and blocks a high one. Ueda gets a low kick in and blocks a pair of big lefts from Pulver. Ueda with a straight left and a right hook a bit later. Pulver throws a big left that Ueda ducks and slips on. Pulver comes forward and they clinch. Ueda with a big takedown and lands in mount. Light GNP from Ueda as Pulver ties him down and tries to re-engage his legs. Pulver shrimps and manages to get to half guard. Pulver manages to get it all the way to full guard. Ueda still keeping active with his punches and he passes to half. Ueda goes for a kimura but Pulver uses it to sweep... well halfway. He's still caught in a kimura, which he's defending well. Ueda with some heel kicks to the spine which gets the ref involved. The round ends in the same position but with heel kicks to the butt and side instead of the illegal ones.

Round two: Ueda with a left straight that lands, but he throws a body kick that Pulver catches and uses to take Ueda down. He's on Ueda's back, and while Ueda threatens with a reverse straight armbar, Pulver escapes it. Ueda's ground game is stellar, and he rolls in Pulver's guard. He's got Pulver off his back and is now in Pulver's guard. Ueda postures up and is hitting some solid punches. Make that a lot of punches, too. Pulver looks stunned here, but Ueda dives back in tight and Pulver recovers. Ueda is fishing deep for a D'arce and after a good fifteen seconds of scrambling, he sleeps Pulver.

Final Result: Masakatsu Ueda wins via submission (D'arce choke) at 3:52 of round 2


135 lbs. [Bantamweight Grand Prix semifinal]: Thanh Vu vs. Kevin Belingon

Round one: Vu is Australian by way of Vietnam and he has another lovely two-letter name. Also he just wants to boogie (his walkout music or the DJ's, I couldn't tell you). Belingon coming out of the Phillippines with the rat-tail hairdo. Vu in black, Belingon in red. Belingon with a couple of inside kicks to open it up. Body kick from Vu and an outside leg kick from Belingon. Vu has a wushu background, as the announcer informs me. Another pair of nice inside leg kicks that are taking the base out from under Vu. A heavy outside one knocks Vu down and Belingon pounces on him. Belingon in side control on the left side of Vu's body. Vu scrambles his hips well and uses an underhook to stand up, but Belingon muscles him down again and the same side control is applied.

Not a whole lot of action from this position, but Belingon lands a few elbows to avoid the standup. Vu gets half guard and is avoiding serious damage while the ref implores some action. AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE! OI, OI, OI! chant from the crowd and finally the ref stands them with about 15 seconds left. Easily Belingon's fight so far.

Round two: Vu's keeping his weight heavy on his front foot and every low kick is staggering the balance of Vu. Belingon lands a big high kick that clips Vu and staggers him. Belingon blasts forward and is landing multiple punches clean. A huge left sends Vu crashing into the cage, half-unconscious. The fall into the cage seems to wake him up and Serizawa steps in to stop it. Vu protests, but he's on rubbery legs and barely able to grasp what happened, so I'll side with the ref on this one

Final Result: Kevin Belingon wins via TKO (strikes) at 1:00 of round 2


145 lbs.: Arnaud Lepont vs. Eddie Ng

Round one: Lepont with the old crazy person in the jumpsuit and Silence of the Lambs mask intro. Kind of a mix between Dan Hardy and Lee Murray. Bless you, Eddie, for your two-letter last name, of which I hope comes up a lot. Ng walked out to the theme for Once Upon a Time in China, which further endeared him to the crowd. Ng in the black spandex and Lepont in black trunks with a bunch of sponsor logos on it. If you're curious on how to pronounce "Ng", it's "ung". They throw spartan shots for the first thirty seconds, but don't land. Ng catches Lepont coming forward and hits a nice double leg. Half guard for Lepont. He's active from the bottom throwing a lot of small shots. Ng gets some space and lands a few heavy punches. Crowd is chanting "Eddie". The pace slows a bit as Ng tries to pass while maintaining top. He fails and Lepont scrambles up. Lepont goes for a takedown and Ng jumps for a guillotine. Lepont slams him down and gets his head out. Ng with a triangle attempt and they separate. Lepont hits an elbow then backs out and allows Ng to stand. Ng shoots and gets stuffed. Lepont lands a trip and hits a right from the ground.

Lepont postures back, but that gives Ng the room to wing a kick from his back that hits Lepont well. Good knee from Ng. He hits Lepont quite a few times, and as the round closes, he gets a series of knees. Lepont with the Diaz'ing, and as we learned from earlier, that doesn't mean a damn thing.

Round two: The Diaz'ing turns to Barry'ing as they hug for a brief bit mid-cage. Lepont is the one who goes for a takedown and he gets it with a bodylock and driving forward. Good elbow from Lepont. Ng looking to get room for his legs from his back, but Lepont is keeping his weight forward. Not doing much now, but still on top. Shimada yells for action, and Lepont briefly passes to side, but Ng regains. Lepont with a series of hard, short elbows. Triangle attempt which Lepont slips out of. He stands up, kicks down on Ng's side before thudding an elbow down. Ng cage walks up and stuffs a hip toss with a whizzer lands on top in half guard. Ng is going slow while Lepont is staying busy from bottom with short punches. Action! Ng switches sides and manages a pass to side control. Lepont tries to turn into him, but Ng stuffs it and slams over into mount. Two big rights from Ng and Lepont turns over to his back. Ng slips off the back from an RNC attempt and latches onto an armbar which elicits a lightning quick tap from Lepont. He's in pain but for the moment, it doesn't seem to be anything completely broken, as he's able to stand up.

Final Result: Eddie Ng wins via submission (armbar) at 4:45 of round 2


135 lbs.: Yusup Saadulaev vs. Leandro Issa

Round one: Issa is the BJJ expert in the black trunks and Saadulaev in white. Accidental low kick from Yusup and they high five it out. Issa throws a right hand from the cheap seats that whiffs. Yusup hits a left and another left that lands flush. Beautiful belly-to-belly suplex from Yusup and he has Issa's back. Issa scrambles well and ends up on top in side control. He transitions to north-south and lands a couple of knees to the prone head of Yusup. Side control and some GNP while referee Yuji Shimada lets them know there's two minutes left for some reason. N/S again and a couple more knees from Issa. Issa switches to the other side as Yusup fishes for a reverse triangle but fails. Yusup explodes and tries to get out, but Issa maintains top control beautifully and lands in mount. About half a minute left here. Issa falls for an armbar and Yusup scrambles out. He lands on top and hits a knee on Issa before the round ends.

Round two: If you're wondering why I'm using a first name here, if you think I'm typing out "Saadulaev" every sentence or two over "Yusup", you're insane. Issa is getting tagged on the feet here by the quicker Yusup. Hard right from Yusup lands. Issa with a loud leg kick and another that nearly trips Yusup as he lost his footing. Right hand for Issa. And a 1-2 from Issa. Yusup with a 1-2 and hits another belly-to-belly. They scramble again with another throw tossed in for good measure, and again, Issa - the BJJ expert - ends up on top. Issa in side control with about a hundred seconds worth of working to go. Shimada calls for a bit more action as the ground battle slows a bit and Issa obliges with a pass to mount and big elbow. He looks like he's working for an arm triangle choke, but with only 20 seconds left, I don't think he'll be able to land anything. Yusup shrimps and creates a scramble. Issa tries for a last-second armbar which misses and they roll around until the bell sounds.

Round three: Yusup seems to be losing this on the ground if you ask me, but his hands are quicker standing. Not gonna say his only chance is to win with a knockout, but he's losing on the ground. They throw a few single strikes for a bit before clinching. Yusup attempts a clinch and a trip, but ends up on the wrong end of it and Issa is on top and in mount. He works for an arm triangle, but can't get it. He's probably scoring a lot of points for all the attempts to finish as well as his dominant position. Yusup gets out of the choke attempt but is still mounted. Issa gets some GNP in before Yusup manages to buck and reverse. Yusup stands up and they are broken up by the ref and it goes back to the feet.

The commenting team seems to think this could go either way, but I can't see how this isn't all Issa's fight so far. Yusup shoots a power double and almost gets it, but Issa gets his hips back and stuffs it. Big low kick from Issa stumbles Yusup and he has to put a hand to the mat to keep from falling.

Final Result: Leandro Issa wins via unanimous decision


125 lbs.: Rene Catalan vs. Alex Silva

Round one: Silva in black and Catalan in the red and black. Silva with a takedown up against the cage on the Wushu man. Catalan uses the cage to flip over Silva and land in guard on top. He lands some GNP as he postures up, but Silva threatens with an armbar. Catalan escapes and is again on top in guard. Quite a bunch of strikes from Catalan. He shrimps out and Silva is fighting for a single while eating elbows from Catalan. Silva manages to squirm around and gets Catalan's back and is threatening a RNC. Catalan defends the choke, and Silva transitions to an armbar from the back. He cinches it in and goes belly-down to finish it.

Final Result: Alex Silva wins via submission (armbar) at 4:34 of round 1


145 lbs.: Bashir Ahmad vs. Shannon Wiratchai

Round one: And we are finally live. I've got some breakfast in me, so I feel vaguely human. They're hammering Ahmad being the "founder of MMA in Pakistan" angle. Good to see a wide range of countries being represented here (the two undercard fights had people from Taipan, Singapore, Malaysia and the USA). Ahmad in white with the black trim and a 1-0 record. Wiratchai in the black and doing a little dance for the intros. He's from Thailand for the record and also has a Judo background to go with his Muay Thai. Bashir with a punch into a clinch up against the cage. They roll back and forth a bit standing before Wiratchai gets an outside trip and lands on top in the guard. Wiratchai lands a bit of GNP and opens up a cut on Ahmad. Ahmad manages to push off and the ref calls time to check on the cut.

The doc vaselines it and we're off again. Ahmad surges forward and lands a nice left in a flurry. They clinch against the cage, and despite Ahmad pushing Wiratchai against the fencing, it's the Thai and his judo skills who gets the trip. Wiratchai in half guard and landing some GNP, which re-opens the wound. Ahmad gets his back to the cage and works a deep-half sweep and manages to get on top, despite Wiratchai trying to grab onto the fence. Ahmad posturing up and landing some good strikes. 30 seconds left and the pace slows. Wiratchai throwing from the bottom as Ahmad's blood drips down onto him. The bell rings and Ahmad's face is the old crimson mask. I give it a 3 on the old Musashi scale.

Round two: Ahmad again comes out aggressive and lands a punch before going in close. He tried to get the back as they tumble down to the canvas, but Wiratchai spins and regains half guard. Ahmad getting in some decent GNP from half as he tries to pass, but nothing hugely damaging. The announcers are disregarding the ability to do damage from half guard, but simply because Ahmad isn't capable of doing it, doesn't mean others aren't. Bork Lazer for one. Referee Kinichi Serizawa stands them with about 2 minutes to go. Ahmad is less aggressive now and looks to be running low on steam. Wiratchai with a couple of inside low kicks as they stand center-cage. Wiratchai with a 1-2 and a clinch, but they break. Ahmad with a couple of rights and Wiratchai showboats Diaz style. The round slowly grinds to a close with Ahmad slipping and Wiratchai hitting one last ground punch.

Round three: Keep in mind that 1FC fights aren't scored by rounds, but as a whole. So far I'd say Ahmad is winning, but it's pretty close and he's been bleeding since early. Wiratchai with a much better round so far. Big right hand and a solid body kick have been the biggest strikes in the round so far. Ahmad with a few body kicks as he circles away whenever his back gets to the cage. The ref encourages some stand and bang, but Ahmad is still potshotting and resetting. They Diaz each other, but the goading is ineffective on both sides. Ahmad with a high kick that's partially blocked. They flurry with seconds to go, but Ahmad lands more while Wiratchai is spending too much time telling his opponent to come on and keeping his hands low.

Close fight, and we go to the scorecards

Final Result: Bashir Ahmad wins via unanimous decision


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