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UFC Quick Quote: ‘Shogun’ Rua won’t be ‘surprised’ by Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in Winnipeg

You can bring your best to Canada with you, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, but you won't be able to "surprise" Mauricio Rua with anything, because his new team has prepared him for all your weapons.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

"I'm very happy because everybody wants this fight again. Me and Rogerio, too. Rogerio is a good fighter and a good guy and I respect him, but I trained a lot and I hope to win again. Rogerio is excellent fighter. I need to be ready for everything. Wrestling, boxing, muay-thai, jiu-jitsu, everything. He is a black belt in jiu-jitsu with good boxing. I've done everything for no surprises in the fight."

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Mauricio Rua has left no stone unturned in his preparations for his looming rematch against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, which is set to pop off at UFC 161 on June 15, 2013 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Having already defeated "Lil' Nog" eight years ago in the quarterfinals of the 2005 Pride Middleweight Grand Prix, "Shogun" wants to make it two straight against his fellow Brazilian, which is probably why he revamped his whole training staff -- including replacing his head trainer -- in order to avoid any and all surprises the younger Nogueira brother plans to unleash in Canada. And perhaps, with a new team in place, Rua may be able to surprise Rogerio with a few new tricks of his own. But, if the two heavy-handed light heavyweights can somehow manage to duplicate their 2005 performance, mixed martial arts (MMA) fans will undoubtedly walk away satisfied, regardless of who comes out the victor. Who ya' got?

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