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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White has no solution to eye poke issues in MMA

How can eye pokes be prevented in mixed martial arts (MMA) bouts? UFC President Dana White admits he doesn't have a solution to the growing problem due to the complicated gloves.


"That's the glove that's approved all over the country by all the Athletic Commissions. Alright, let say you had gloves with fingers on them, you could still poke people in the eye with them. With a boxing glove, they used to have problems back in the 70's and maybe early 80's with guys getting thumbed in the eye. Cause those old Everlast gloves used to look like a lobster claw and guys used to get thumbed all the time, then they made the attached thumb to it. I just don't know how you would do it in MMA with the grappling."

-- UFC 159: "Jones vs. Sonnen" on Saturday night (April 27, 2013) was a card plagued by accidental eye pokes unlike few before it, and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White doesn't know how the frequently occurring incident can be prevented. Both Alan Belcher and Gian Villante were the victims of some nasty, albeit unintentional eye pokes at the hands --and fingers-- of Michael Bisping and Ovince St. Preux that led to both fights being stopped prematurely. Eye pokes have and always will be a part of mixed martial arts (MMA) competition, and at the UFC 159 post-fight press conference (watch it here) White admitted he doesn't known what --if anything-- can be done.

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