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UFC 159 results recap: Pat Healy vs Jim Miller fight review and analysis

Check out MMAmania's analysis of Pat Healy's huge display of heart against Jim Miller in last night's UFC 159 pay-per-view main card opening bout.


Two extremely talented lightweight competitors duked it out last night (April 27, 2013) as former Strikeforce contender Pat Healy made his Octagon return against Jim Miller in the opening bout of the UFC 159 main card in Newark, New Jersey.

Healy has been known for fighting to the level of his competition, which has been both a good and bad thing throughout his career, but last night, it was most certainly a good thing (and his bank account agrees).

Early on, it was all Miller as he worked his superior striking against Healy, scoring with his left hand early and often, following up some solid punches with a takedown, which caught "Bam Bam" by surprise. Even when Healy got back to his feet, he was met with some serious firepower from a very aggressive and motivated Miller brother.

Miller finished the first round strong, hammering Healy with some heavy ground and pound, forcing the wrestler to stagger back to his corner after the horn sounded.

In the second frame, Healy came out a man possessed, immediately closing the distance and dumping Miller on his back. He didn't waste any time with the superior position, dropping left and right hands on Miller and working him over with ground and pound.

To his credit, Miller worked for submissions, but in doing so, he exposed himself to more strikes and he himself got bloodied up after absorbing a series of punches and elbows.

In what was expected to be the decisive third round, Healy again came out strong, actually holding his own on the feet, eating some good shots from Miller but dishing out a few left hands that forced the New Jersey native to back off a bit.

Again, Healy would take top position on the ground and this time, he made the most of it, landing enough shots to soften Miller up and take his back during a scramble. When Healy sunk in a rear naked choke, Miller didn't tap and was rendered unconscious.

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