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UFC Quick Quote: Michael Bisping is fighting 'some retard from Mississippi'

And his name is Alan Belcher, according to comments made by "The Count" while on tour yesterday in New York City.

Richard Wolowicz

"Nobody's been asking (about our fight) because nobody's interested in Alan Belcher. My phone wasn't ringing every day because I was fighting some retard from Mississippi. This is very different from fighting Rashad Evans or Vitor Belfort or something like that. Alan Belcher, okay? A bit different, guys. He's been in the UFC almost as long as I have. Of course I've prepared accordingly. But he's been fighting a very different level of competition."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight troublemaker Michael Bisping is bummed over the fact that no one is paying attention to his upcoming co-main event fight against Alan Belcher at the UFC 159 pay-per-view event, which goes down tomorrow night (April 27, 2013) at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Blame UFC matchmaker Joe Silva for that one, since he's the guy that paired him off with a "retard from Mississippi," according to comments made by "The Count" at yesterday's UFC 159 pre-fight media day (see more news and notes on that here). But where there is a retard, there is retard strength. Did he not see "The Talent's" piledriver on Patrick Cote? (Mike, if you're reading this, please click here). We'll see who goes downs for the count on Saturday night in "The Garden State." Anyone think the brash Brit will be forced to eat his words ... through a straw?

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