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Dana White willing to make UFC deal with boxer Tyson Fury to get ‘smashed’ by Cain Velasquez

Tyson Fury, come on down! UFC President Dana White extended an open invitation to the undefeated (21-0) heavyweight boxing champion to step inside the Octagon to face current 265-pound UFC titleholder Cain Velasquez after Fury claimed he would "smash" him. White, however, says the outcome would be the other way around.


It looks like Tyson Fury may get his chance -- if he chooses to accept it -- to "smash the small, stiff idiot" known as Cain Velasquez (his words, not mine).

The undefeated (21-0) WBO heavyweight boxing champion adamantly claimed he could easily defeat the current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 265-pound kingpin should they ever find themselves nose-to-nose.

Taking the high road, "Brown Pride" responded by saying if the "publicity-seeking" boxer wants a fight against him, he has to work his way up the ladder just like every other fighter in line looking to take his strap.

Speaking at a recent fan Q & A from Herald Square in New York City (watch it here), company president Dana White said if Fury is looking for a fight, then he is more than welcome to fly to Las Vegas, make a deal with ZUFFA and then proceed to get "smashed" by Cain.

"Well, you're right. These guys keep calling out and saying all this stuff. Boxing is a game that you use here, this is a fight. If they want a fight, the door is open. Any one of them can come in here and fight. Anytime they want. Tyson Fury, is that his name? Come on over. Come on over, we'll make a deal . You want to fight Cain? Come on over here. You will get smashed."

The offer, however, isn't exclusive to Tyson. White laid down the gauntlet to any other boxer who feels they have what it takes to face the best inside the Octagon, saying the "door is open" if they choose to come in and throw down.

Any takers?

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