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Ryo Chonan slams the 'idiots' fussing over Georges St. Pierre's offensive 'Rising Sun' flag walkout gi

I'm not an idiot, I just post a lot.


If you were offended by George St. Pierre's walkout gi from his UFC 158 fight against Nick Diaz last month in Montreal, then you must be an idiot.

That's according to former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Ryo Chonan, who thinks you might be too stupid to go out and educate yourself on the history involving Korea and Japan as it pertains to war crimes back in World War II.

From Samurai Life (via Middle Easy):

"All the people complaining about the Rising Sun flag is an idiot. Learn history! Even though that might be too much for you idiots. I don't care about the comfort women (girls and women essentially held captive in a life of enforced prostitution in the Imperial Japanese Army), go make more statues in Korea. Japan is too busy. There is a lot of exaggerations and anti-Japanese education in regards to Japanese involvement in World War II. Japan actually helped Korea and made it a developed country. Also when Japan was there Korea was not divided between North and South."


St. Pierre was openly criticized by fellow UFC star Chan Sung Jung (see his beef here), who called "Rush" out for sporting a Rising Sun flag that was, by "Korean Zombie's" definition, the equivalent of the Swastika in terms of offensive symbolism.

That's just idiotic, says Chonan.

Nevertheless, leading retailer of combat sports apparel, Hayabusa, promised to keep the offending gi off the market while St. Pierre promptly apologized for his unintended gear gaffe (read his statement here). All's well that ends well, right?

Not if you ask the Japanese "Piranha."

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