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Matt Mitrione update: 'Meathead' suspended and fined, but still has no timetable for UFC return

At least when the commission suspends you, you know when you're coming back.

Ryan Pierse

When will the recently-suspended Matt Mitrione be allowed to fight again?

When Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White, speaking at yesterday's press conference media scrum (watch it here), has decided that "Meathead" -- who acted like a "complete jackass" and a "bigot" -- has learned his lesson.

And no sooner.

"From the first day we talked, he handled the whole thing like a man. He said some ignorant comments that made him sound like a complete jackass and a bigot. He knew what he said was wrong If he was standing in front of a panel or a judge, and he was arguing on why someone who used to be a man shouldn't be allowed to fight a woman, he wouldn't have said it the way that he said it. He would have said it completely different, and there's nothing wrong with having a point of view. Everybody's crying, 'Oh, it's freedom of speech.' Yeah, okay. Work at any company in the world, okay, and give your opinion where you come off sounding like an ignorant bigot and see how long you last with that company. He could have done it the right way, and nobody would have said anything to him. He can have an opinion. It's just how you state your opinion. If he got on the phone and said, 'Hey, I've got my freedom of speech, and I can say what I want,' I guess to a point he's right. You just can't work here if you want to say stupid stuff like that. You can say whatever you want. Not in here, though. I'm not mad at Mitrione. He did something stupid. He knows he did something stupid. He knows the way he said it, he didn't handle it the right way. He knows he did, so I can respect that. We'll let him know when we decide (when he can return). He was fined, too, enough to make him call me three times. I bet he'll think. I bet before words come out of his mouth ... he's going to go, 'I better not say that. That's not good. That's going to cost me some money.'"

The amount of his fine was not disclosed.

Mitrione found himself on the sidelines last week for violating the promotion's code of conduct (read it here), unloading a verbal assault aimed at transgender mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Fallon Fox. "Meathead" labeled Fox a "sick, sociopathic disgusting freak" who should be "embarrassed" for wanting to beat up women.

See her retort here.

White wouldn't get into specifics regarding the suspension, but did say Mitrione was still in good graces with the company and will return to action once the UFC brass decides he's served his time.

Any chance of an early release for good behavior?

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