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Dana White Meniere's Disease: A-Rod, German stem cell treatment cure UFC President '100 percent'

On a tip from New York Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez, UFC President Dana White recently made a pitstop in Germany to undergo a stem cell procedure to alleviate his battle with Menier's Disease. It apparently did more than just that ...

Scott Cunningham

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White revealed last year he was suffering from Menier's disease, an inner ear disorder that causes spontaneous episodes of vertigo, which is a spinning sensation that also includes fluctuating hearing loss, as well as ringing in the ear (tinnitus), among other debilitating symptoms.

After a failed surgery (see graphic footage ere) to correct the ailment, which resulted in the Las Vegas, Nevada, mixed martial arts (MMA) boss suffering a "bad attack" during a recent trip to Ireland, White rolled the dice, opting to go the experimental route to alleviate the problem.

And he can thank New York Yankees third basemen, Alex Rodriguez, for the advice.

After a recent exchange with $275 million man, White flew out to Germany to undergo a stem cell procedure that miraculously has him now feeling like "a million bucks." He recently shared the bizarre road to recovery on a recent appearance on "Jay Mohr Sports" on Fox Sports Radio.

His explanation:

"Well, A-Rod from the Yankees, hit me up and told me that when he was hurt Kobe called him and they both went to Germany and did this stem cell stuff. Right. So he says listen bro, I don't know if this is going to help you, but I'll tell you what it's worth a shot. Well long story short, we had the fight out in Sweden. I went to Germany. I got the stem cells. Dude, I am 100 percent cured. I am 100 percent a new guy, man. I'm working out again. I'm doing all the things that I used to do. I'm traveling. My life is back. All they do is they go in there, they take your blood, they incubate it, they spin it and add stuff to it. I don't know what the hell they do, I'm no scientist. I'm a million bucks now, man. I couldn't feel better."

According to White, the original procedure only made the problem worse, causing him to live a pretty "miserable life."

But, thanks to German doctors, he's a "new guy" and is now looking to pass on the knowledge to world-famous boxing trainer Freddie Roach, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease, because the same stem cell procedure can help improve the nervous system.

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