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La Presse reporter posts transcript of Georges St. Pierre admitting he weighed 170.4 pounds

A Canadian reporter has published the full transcript of the particular conversation with UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre concerning his weight when he stepped on the scale against Nick Diaz at UFC 158. Get all the facts below.


Weight-gate just keeps rolling along.

When La Presse reporter Marc Tougas posted an article saying UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre admitted he stepped onto the scales for his UFC 158 fight against Nick Diaz weighing 170.4 pounds, some questioned his report, saying it was an error in translation or that the champ had been misquoted.

Tougas stood his ground and today published the entire transcript of his conversation with GSP, both in French and the translated version into English for us heathens.

See for yourself below:

Marc Tougas: Pis le point 9, c'est vrai d'abord. C'est-tu vrai le 170,9?

Georges St. Pierre: Je me souviens pas si j'étais... Je pense que c'était point 4, ou quelque de même. Parce qu'ils arrondissent... Euh... point 4, ouin, faque c'est... Tu veux arriver comme le plus pesant pour montrer que t'es arrivé direct sur la pesée. C'est un peu un truc mental.


Marc Tougas: So the point 9, it's true then. Is the 170.9 thing true?

Georges St. Pierre: I don't remember if I was... I think it was point 4, or something like that. Because they round it out.... Huh, point 4, yeah, so that's... You want to get there as heavy as you can to show you're right on, on the scale. It's a bit of a mental trick.

It's clear as day that St. Pierre admitted to weighing over the normal 170 pound allowance and that he assumed the regulators would round down.

If this fight had taken place anywhere but in Quebec, he would have been forced to weigh in again and come in at 170 pounds or lower, otherwise the title fight would not be allowed to go on as originally scheduled and he would have been fined a large percentage of his fight purse.

The whole mess began when a behind-the-scenes video was posted online by the Diaz camp of an executive informing Nick Diaz and his team that the Quebec commission doesn't count the decimal in title fights.....just hours before the Stockton slugger was scheduled to weigh in.

Diaz would go on to lose the fight in relatively dominant fashion. While the Cesar Gracie-trained fighter had a list of excuses following the bout, this one actually has some merit.

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