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Ronda Rousey issues stern warning to TUF 18 hopefuls: Getting laid is not worth $100,000

What happens when a bunch of young, revved up athletes get locked inside a booze-filled mansion in Las Vegas? If Coach Ronda Rousey has her way, absolutely nothing.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

First rule of Fight Club? Don't get bent over a table in Fight Club.

UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey issued a stern warning to the lovely ladies (and gentlemen) trying out for the coed season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 (see the first poster here), which is set to make its return to cable television this September on FOX Sports 1.

Keep your pants on!

"Rowdy," who will coach a mixed group of up-and-coming combat sports hopefuls every Wednesday night for 12 weeks beginning this fall, told the media last weekend in Las Vegas (watch the video here) that she wants her pupils to represent the sport of MMA in a positive light.

MMA Fighting with the transcription:

"I think the series itself has been going away from that kind of attention-grabby, reality TV-esque kind of genre, and more into just a documentary series on the toughest, most competitive tournament in martial arts. I think that it's going to be very similar in this season. At least [it will] on my team, because I'm going to have to remind these girls that these are the first impressions you're setting. It's the first impression you're setting for women as MMA fighters, because it's a lot of exposure that they're going to be getting. If they're the chick that's screwing around in the house, for the rest of their career they'll be known as the chick that was screwing around in that house. Sponsors are going to be looking at that, everybody's going to be looking at that. So if you think it's worth $100,000, that lay, then go for it. But I'm just going to remind them that there's going to be a lot of very permanent consequences to how they carry themselves in house. I'm going to be expecting them to hold themselves as professionals. I would expect them to be eating as professionals and behaving as such. They're not going to be eating Ben & Jerry's. They're not going to be chugging down a bunch of Jack (Daniels). If they are, then I did a very poor job. I think that people need to see that we're serious about this, and we're not just a bunch of hoodlums."

Knocking out versus knocking boots.

Rousey will be joined by undefeated 135-pound bulldozer Cat Zingano (see their first staredown here), who earned her coaching gig on TUF 18 by beating the brakes off Miesha Tate in the third round of their epic war at last Saturday night's (April 13, 2013) TUF 17 Finale in "Sin City" (watch it again here).

No word yet on whether or no "Alpha" will adopt a similar policy. Stay tuned!

For more on last weekend's TUF 17 Finale (results, highlights, videos, fallout, etc., as well as its impact on the upcoming season of TUF 18 click here.

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