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Conor McGregor vs Al Iaquinta at UFC 159? 'Notorious' volunteers to replace injured lightweight Joe Proctor

Put Conor McGregor in, Dana White, because he's ready to fight Al Iaquinta at UFC 159 on just three weeks notice ...

UPDATE: Iaquinta has also withdrawn from UFC 159 with a leg injury, according to

Conor McGregor had his first hit of "Fight Night" bonus ecstasy last weekend and the Irishman is already looking to score his next quick mixed martial arts (MMA) fix.

Fresh off his show-stealing, impressive Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut last weekend (April 6, 2013) at UFC on Fuel TV 9, McGregor is ready to step back into the Octagon. And he wants to do it just 20 days after knocking out Marcus Brimage in Stockholm, Sweden.

After Joe Proctor revealed (via that he had suffered an injury that would force him off the upcoming UFC 159, which goes down in Newark, N.J., on April 27, 2013, "Notorious" quickly responded (also via to volunteer his services against The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 runner-up Al Iaquinta.

His offer

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The fiery Featherweight phenom has already stated that he is interested in splitting his 145-pound time and simultaneously competing Lightweight; however, UFC officials swiftly shot down his bold takeover plan. That was before the Proctor injury, who was scheduled to hook 'em up with Iaquinta in a 155-pound showdown.

UFC President Dana White made it rather clear that he prefers to showcase the Irish-born fighter next in a 145-pound match at the upcoming UFC on FOX Sports 1, which is scheduled to take place at TD Garden in Boston, Mass., on Aug. 17, 2013. Therefore, booking McGregor to fight again in three weeks in a division in which he prefers he avoids (for now) would appear to be a long shot.

Then again, with fight night at Prudential Center right around the corner, the options for UFC matchmakers are probably somewhat limited. In fact, having someone as an in-shape and game as McGregor so willing and able to step up and shine is impossible.

Conor McGregor vs. Al Iaquinta at UFC 159: WHO WANTS TO SEE IT?

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