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Video: UFC champ Georges St. Pierre has a message for Johny Hendricks: 'I'm already training'

Johny Hendricks thinks he's going to get a head start on Georges St. Pierre in training while "Rush" is busy filming his next movie role. According to GSP, "Bigg Rigg" is sorely mistaken.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight kingpin Georges St. Pierre will defend his division title against 170-pound number one contender Johny Hendricks at a pay-per-view (PPV) event to be named later this year.

Should be about six months or so.

That will give "Rush" plenty of time to film his movie role as "Baltroc the Leaper" in the upcoming "Captain America" sequel titled "Winter Soldier" (details here). Hendricks is under the impression he'll be the only one training hard while his opponent is relaxing in his trailer, sipping cappuccinos.

GSP has an update for "Bigg Rigg."

"I'm already training. I train all the time. I heard Hendricks say 'Oh, when he's doing the movie, I'll be training.' Well, I have some news for him, I'm already training now. I trained two, three days after the (Nick Diaz) fight, I was in the gym training. The movie has nothing to to with the end of my career. I love what I do right now."

After outpointing Carlos Condit in their "Fight of the Night" at last month's UFC 158 pay-per-view -- the same event that saw St. Pierre grind out an uninspired win over Diaz -- Hendricks was (finally) recognized as the next man in line for a crack at the crown.

When that fight actually takes place, remains to be seen.

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