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UFC Quick Quote: Ben Henderson 'not even close' to looking past Gilbert Melendez

If you think Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson is looking past Gilbert Melendez ... think again.


"I'm not looking past Gilbert. He might not have the biggest name, there might be bigger fights and blah blah blah out there, but I know how tough Gil is. He was the Strikeforce champ and he was rated the top two, top three, for a long time, for a reason. I'm not looking past him at all, not even close."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson is all geared up to defend his 155-pound title against Gilbert Melendez on April 20, 2013 in San Jose, Calif., at UFC on Fox 7; however, he isn't looking past "El Nino" whatsoever. According to "Smooth" -- who was asked during the UFC on FOX 7 media conference call if he finds himself looking past the former Strikeforce champion at a potential "super fight" against current UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo -- that is "not even close" to being his mixed martial arts (MMA) mindset. And with good reason, too. Melendez has often lingered atop the 155-pound division rankings, defending his 155-pound Strikeforce title six straight times before the promotion closed up shop earlier this year. Even if there are "bigger fights" against "bigger names" in the future, Henderson assures fight fans that those targets aren't on his radar ... yet. This might have something to do with it.

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