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Gegard Mousasi plans to hit Alexander Gustafsson where he is cut, ready to fight someone else if necessary

Whether or not Alexander Gustafsson is given the green light to fight in Sweden, Gegard Mousasi is prepared to compete even if it means a change of opponent. "Dream Catcher," however, reveals all (for now) is going on as planned.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Sweep the leg!

Gegard Mousasi plans to make his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut this weekend (April 6, 2013) in Stockholm, Sweden, with or without Alexander Gustafsson.

News broke yesterday that "The Mauler" suffered an unfortunate injury over his eye, putting his light heavyweight contest against "Dream Catcher," which is set to headline UFC on Fuel TV 9, in jeopardy.

UFC president Dana White says "The Mauler" is ready to fight, but doctor's say he can't.

And while Gustafsson's involvement in the event is still unclear at this time, the former Strikeforce 205-pound champion says he is ready to fight this weekend. Indeed, Mousasi doesn't care if the promotion is forced to switch up his opponent because he is ready to throw down.

He broke his silence earlier today on "The MMA Hour:"

"As far as I know, the fight is still on. I trained for a fight, I don't care if they change opponents as long as I fight. I don't care for opponents, I train for eight weeks and I just want to fight. I don't care if it's him or someone else. As far as motivation goes, what can I do? I don't have any control. Sometimes I'm the last to hear things so I'm just waiting, that's all I can do. From what I've heard the fight is on. We're going to Sweden and everything is the same as usual. They said the fight is the same, I don't know what kind of injuries he has but other than that, I don't know. I hear the got cut is above his eye."

Should Gustaffson be given the green light to compete, Mousasi says you can bet your bottom dollar he will be looking to attack the injury:

"Happy? I never thought about it that way. But, if he's cut, I am going to make sure I hit him where he's cut. I'm not going to be very sportsmanship-like, I just want to win the fight."

It hasn't been the best past few weeks for Mousasi, whose home was broken into, leaving him without a few personal items such as his PlayStation, headphones and laptop computer.

Couple that with the possibility he could be forced to postpone his much-anticipated Octagon debut, and it's safe to say Mousasi -- who revealed he is currently going through personal problems, too -- has seen better days.

And in normal Mousasi style, he was rather calm, cool and collected about the recent string of events, affirming he is still prepared to fight in Sweden ... but against who?

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