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UFC Quick Quote: Chris Weidman is ‘meant to win’ against Anderson Silva at UFC 162

Chris Weidman discusses his determination to secure a victory against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 162 with Mike Chiappetta of MMA Fighting, saying he believes he is "meant to win" the fight and would be "disgusted" if he lost.


"I'm very motivated to make the most of this opportunity and not just be another title contender...Every other time I've had a full training camp, I've had a finish. And I plan on continuing that. I'm going against the greatest of all-time, but that's not going to change my confidence of what I'm going to do in there. I'm very excited. I believe this is meant to be...It's not meant to be that I get there to lose. I'd be disgusted with myself if that happens. I refuse to let myself be beat. After all this, I believe I'm meant to win."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight No. 1 contender Chris Weidman is supremely confident he will be victorious in his recently announced UFC 162 championship fight against Anderson Silva, telling Mike Chiappetta of MMA Fighting that he believes July 6, 2013, is his time to dethrone one of the greatest mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters of all-time. Judging by his comments, losing is not an option for the 28-year-old as Weidman says he would be "disgusted" with himself in he doesn't defeat the longtime Brazilian champion. "All-American" is glowing with confidence four months away from the fight, which could either breed success or lead him to an even bigger fall. Weidman has been campaigning for a bout with Silva for months now, and with the opportunity to bring an end to Silva's record 16-fight UFC win-streak and take the belt, the Serra-Longo Fight Team product plans to make the best of it.

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