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UFC Quick Quote: 40-year-old small-town soccer moms hope Georges St. Pierre beats Nick Diaz's ass

According to Nick Diaz, Georges St. Pierre is such an influential person that even 40-year-old soccer moms in his own hometown are yelling at him at stop lights, hoping "GSP" beats his ass at UFC 158 because "Rush" has painted him as a "disrespectful and disgusting" person.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

"I pull up to a stoplight the other day and some fucking 40-year-old lady, some soccer mom sticks her head out the window and she's like, 'I hope GSP beat's your ass!' We're in fucking Lodi, bitch! I'm like, 'Are you serious?' We are in Lodi right now and you're hoping he beats my ass? That's fucking wonderful. I'm living in a small town with people that hate me over here. I'm trying to work my way up into a fight and now I'm the most disrespectful person that walks the Earth and I deserve to have the shit beat out of me and I'm this disgusting person because when you (St. Pierre) say something, everybody fucking believes it dude. Everybody wants to think what Georges thinks and what Georges says and look like Georges and wear tight shorts like Georges and be strong and forget about jiu-jitsu and forget about boxing, let's do a Superman punch like Georges. Fuck mixed martial arts, fuck the martial arts aspect and the jiu-jitsu. That's disrespectful. If you want disrespect, that's it right there."

Thanks to Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC) welterweight kingpin Georges St. Pierre, even people in Nick Diaz's own hometown are yelling at him on the street, hoping the French-Canadian "beats his ass" when the two tango at UFC 158 on March 16, 2013, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Why? Because as Diaz revealed at their wild UFC 158 media conference call, a 40-year-old soccer mom wished a beat down upon him at the hands of "Rush" because St. Pierre has painted a picture of Diaz as a "disrespectful person." And since people hang on every word the welterweight champ has to say -- according to Diaz -- popular belief is that the Stockton slugger is a "disgusting" person. How about it Maniacs, is Diaz getting an unfair shake? Is perception indeed not reality?

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