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UFC 158's Nick Diaz 'keeps it real,' rips 'pampered' Georges St. Pierre' and helpers who 'powder his nose'

Nick Diaz says he "keeps it real" despite how tough it is to do, unlike UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, who has people living his life for him, running his Twitter account, powdering his nose and ensuring that he meets all his promotional obligations.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Where do we begin with the epic (no exaggeration) media conference call earlier today (March 6, 2013) to promote UFC 158, which takes place at Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, next Saturday night (March 16, 2013)?

Let's start with Pampers.

In life, when you reach a certain level of success -- regardless of your field of expertise -- it's common to acquire some nice perks and advantages along the way. From movie stars having full-blown entourages to athletes having their "yes" men ready to assist them in every aspect of their daily life, success often fosters support systems ... for better or worse.

It's a celebrity luxury to have "help" who can make their lives easier.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) No. 1 Welterweight contender Nick Diaz is not in that elite club. Meanwhile, his upcoming opponent, current welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, is living the dream, according to recent remarks from Diaz. The oft misunderstood mixed martial arts (MMA) firebrand took "Rush" to task earlier this afternoon over the phone, questioning the Canadian's "realness" and lifestyle, saying the "pampered" 170-pound champion has other people living his life for him.

The verbal assault from Diaz began when "Rush" admitted he doesn't send out his own tweets. That, apparently, was all the info Diaz needed to unload his verbal clip.

The Stockton slugger's words from today's UFC 158 media conference call:

"I don't mind if I have a camera crew sitting in the back of my car, I could give a shit. I just don't like what I'm not ready for, I just want to know about it. You got Georges, you got someone over there powdering his nose out and they are going to send him off for a video shoot. He's got someone making a twitter for him. Now he don't even know how to talk and don't even know how to act right. He's got people living his life for him out in the public. I just like to keep it real so I don't have to put on no image. I don't know how it works; I'm not in his shoes so I don't know. But, I just like to keep it real and be me. It's really hard to do. You walk around everywhere and everybody knows who I am and it's embarrassing to you know? When you're not looking the way you want to look and coming off the way you want to come off but everybody on every street corner knows who you are. You can't get away from it. It's the same thing with the video cameras. I'm happy for it when I'm ready for it but. My life's a mess, I'm not afraid to admit it. I work hard regardless through this shit. But, I don't have people toweling me off and handing me water bottles and getting my training for me and getting my shit ready. I gotta do all that shit on my own. I don't have people tweeting for me or taking care of my money, taxes,financials and all the shit people don't like to talk about. I'm pretty fucked there because I am too busy fighting all your fights and I'm too busy entertaining all the fans. I don't' see anyone else bringing shit to the table."

When "Rush" was asked if he was pampered, Diaz interrupted and unleashed yet another assault on the champion:

"I hope so motherfucker! If I had that much money I'd be pampering myself the fuck up! I'd be having motherfuckers pampering my shit left and fucking right. There would be motherfuckers every hour on the hour showing up to pamper me out, period."

Tell us how you really feel, Nick.

For his part, St. Pierre gave Diaz -- a person who hasn't succeeded yet, according to St. Pierre -- some sound business advice, informing him that once you reach his level, you need a team of people to "make the money rolling." In addition, he reminded Diaz that he is in the position he is in because of the decisions he made ... or seemingly didn't.

Regardless, we're now less than 10 days away from fight night and finally "Mr. Nice Guy" has given us something to talk about other than his distaste for promotional appearances.

He fooled everyone based on today's performance. Better late than never.

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