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Rios vs Alvarado 2 results and LIVE online fight coverage on HBO

Buckle up, "Bam Bam" and "Mile High" are set to run back their epic 2012 showdown TONIGHT at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. And is your home for up-to-the-minute coverage Brandon Rios vs. Mike Alvarado 2 rematch on HBO.

Harry How

Get your affairs in order, grab some food and strap yourselves in because tonight (March 30, 2013) a combat sports BANGFEST will erupt within the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada..

After putting on one of 2012's most insane boxing slugfests, junior Welterweight standouts Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado will lock horns once again later this evening at the Mandalay Bay, after "Bam Bam" stopped "Mile High" in seven the first time around.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of the bout, starting with the HBO broadcast at 10:15 p.m. ET.

With both men known primarily for their resilience and reckless abandon, most expected the first clash between the then-unbeatens to be something special. Judging by the general consensus afterward, most of which comprised either stunned silence or some variation of "holy f**k," it's safe to say that those expectations were fulfilled nicely.

Their 12-round rematch is for the interim WBO Junior Welterweight belt.

In addition, Colombian bruiser Breidis Prescott will face unbeaten Nebraskan knockout artist Terence Crawford after former's original opponent, Russian standout Khabib Allakhverdiev, pulled out on short notice.

Check out quick results and play-by-play coverage below.


140 lbs.: Mike Alvarado def. Brandon Rios by unanimous decision (115-113, 115-113, 114-113)

140 lbs.: Terence Crawford def. Breidis Prescott by unanimous decision (99-91, 97-93, 100-90)


Junior Welterweight title: Brandon Rios vs. Mike Alvarado

Round one: Rios moving forward, Alvarado circling. Solid right as part of a combo from Rios. Alvarado sticking out the jab, lands with a left downstairs. Brandon pursues, lands a left downstairs and a right high. Rios lands coms glancing left hooks and hammers the body. Overhand by Alvarado and a big uppercut. Right-left by Mika, Rios chases and lands high and low. Another overhand from Alvarado, Rios with one of his own. Nice left downstairs from Mike. Alvarado pumping his jab once more. Solid round, 10-9 Rios.

Round two: Rios stalking forward, both land left hooks. Brandon connects in the phone booth before they tie up. Rios with a right upstairs and left downstairs, Alvarado stings him with a body shot. Rios downstairs, left hook up top. Trademark point-blank uppercuts from Brandon and a hard left hook. Alvarado slams home a right hook. Another right. STIFF jab by Rios puts Alvarado on rubber legs and Brandon is in pursuit. Alvarado manages to tie him up and now he's firing back. Rios hurts him again and jacks him with uppercuts as Alvarado swings and literally starts asking for more. Crazy-ass brawling in the center to end the round. Holy shit. 20-18 Rios.

Round three: Alvarado resumes sticking out his jab, lands to the body. Rios left hook and right straight. Big straight from Alvarado. Another big right, then to the body. Brandon digs to the body before they clinch. Alvarado stalking ver him and they both connect with big right hands, Alvarado with one extra. Rios with a thudding right downstairs. Short punches in the clinch. Body shot-uppercut and HUGE RIGHT HAND HURTS RIOS! Alvarado pouring it on and landing everything; Rios refuses to go down Alvarado just bombing away and Rios keeps on firing back. 29-28 Rios.

Round four: Rios thumps the body in close, eats another right over the top. Rios with clubbing shots close, another right hand connects for Alvarado. Both land to the body, then a left hook. Brandon roughs him up inside. Alvarado and Rios matching jabs. Mike goes back to the body and there's the big right again. Rios slips in an uppercut and stiff jab. Alvarado flurries, a left hook in the mix lands. Bigger punches for Alvarado, more punches for Rios. 39-37 Rios.

Round five: Brandon continues walking him down. Clinch. Alvarado goes southpaw. Rios clubs inside, eats a big uppercut. Brandon goes low with a left hook, things pause. Alvarado pumping the jab. Good uppercut by Alvarado, Brandon with some of his own. Alvarado left hook up top. Brandon goes to the body once more. Both men trade both shots at point-blank. Uppercut by Alvarado, left hook from Rios. Thudding left hook from Rios. One-two. Rios continues digging away with short shots and they trade heavy blows in the corner. Good work late from Rios, but Alvarado takes the round in my book. 48-47 Rios.

Round six: Alvarado's jab working. Clinch, more short punches. Slapping right on the exit from Alvarado. Another good right to the jaw. Alvarado doing well on the outside this round. Rios digs downstairs. Short hooks and uppercuts land for "Bam-Bam." Rios now closing the distance, but eats a combination from Alvarado. Rios lands upstairs, then a couple clubbing shots in close. Alvarado right hand, Rios uppercut. One-two by Alvarado and another uppercut and more hard shots to end the round. Close round, 57-57.

Round seven: Big one-two from Alvarado and he continues jacking Rios with rights and uppercuts. Rios with a left to the body. Alvarado circling well, eats a couple to the body. More good body shots from Alvarado, short uppercuts by Rios. Rios digs in close and connects with a longer right. Good left hook, the two exchange with Rios getting the better of it. Clinch. Alvarado whips his head back with a jab. Alvarado with a couple of lefts. Alvarado with a combination late, Rios with some short blows to end it. Very, very close, think Rios's work in the middle won it. 67-66 Rios.

Round eight: Alvarado with a pair of body shots, lands a right downstairs. Rios with short blows inside. Good left hook from Rios. Left-right blows by Rios and Alvarado lands a monstrous right hand and uppercut. Right hands continue landing. Rios comes back with a left and the two continue slugging it out in center ring. Rios with a right. Alvarado pops him with a left and another right. One-two from Rios. Short blows by Rios, Alvarado digs to the body. HUGE left-right combo from Alvarado and he continues pouring it on as the round ends. Great fight, 76-76.

Round nine: Alvarado switches back to southpaw. Clinch. Nice right hand as Rios throws. Another huge right. Alvarado moving very well, Big left hook upstairs from Alvarado. Rios lands a right. Alvarado slips some shots from Rios, doesn't get away from a left hook and uppercut. Alvarado lands a right of his own. Another hug right and a thudding right to the body from Alvarado. Big left uppercut. Another round int he books for Alvarado, 86-85.

Round ten: Alvarado with a great left-right combination. Rios continues stalking heedless. Alvarado to the body, glances with the overhand right. Rios clubs inside. Four-punch combination from Alvarado, body shot in close. Rios lands an uppercut. More short punches from Rios, who eats two big shots from Alvarado. Good jabs. Glancing right hand. Left uppercut by Rios. Rios with more short shots, hard to tell if they're hitting arm of face. Good right from Rios and he's briefly stung with a left. Alvarado building steam late, 96-94.

Round eleven: Rios's corner is livid. They want their man to pour it on.

Alvarado's right connects early. He returns to southpaw, the two trade in close. Alvarado with a good left downstairs. Jab exchange. Rios now landing with his jab and getting Alvarado moving back. Overhand right yet again for Alvarado. Rios one-two. Clinch. Right hook for Alvarado. Rios with an uppercut in close. Rios pursues with punches, lands a left at the end. Rios catches Alvarado with the end of a good right. There's the bell, 105-104 Alvarado.

Round twelve: Rios with a clubbing right. Nice uppercut to the body from Alvarado. Clinch. Short left hook from Rios. Alvarado sneaks an uppercut in up close. Rios again landing in close. Thudding left hook from Alvarado. One-two connects with authority. Rios pursuing, gets walloped with another good left and another. Alvarado catches him with another good left at the bell and I believe he's won this fight.115-113 Alvarado.

Final result: Alvarado def. Rios by decision


Junior Welterweight: Breidis Prescott vs. Terence Crawford

Round one: Prescott looks more flat-footed than Crawford, who is on the balls of his feet. Both men just feeling with the jab for the first minute. Prescott connects with a right to the body. Crawford pops him with a right over his jab. Double left hook by Crawford lands. More jabbing, Prescott lands a hard straight down the middle before they both swing hard and inaccurately. Stiff jabs from both, lead right from Crawford. Left exchange. Prescott backs Crawford up with the jab to end the round. Very close; 10-9 Crawford, just barely.

Round two: Prescott still stalking early on. Counter right from Crawford after eating a jab. Good jabs by Crawford. Clinch initiated by Crawford. Prescott with a right to the body, Crawford responds upstairs. Crawford switches southpaw, pops Prescott with the southpaw jab. Two-piece combo by Crawford, who eats the end of a long Prescott straight. End of the round, 10-9, 20-18 Crawford..

Round three: Crawford stays southpaw to start. Crawford slips a heavy bomb. Clinch as Crawford advances. Good right by the Colombian. Crawford still having success with the lead right, connects with a left this time. Glancing blow from Prescott, then a jab. Sneaky left from Crawford gets through and he backs off Prescott off with a three-punch combo. Prescott swings big with no success at the bell. 30-27.

Round four: Crawford catches and eats a left as Prescott moves in. Right to the body from Breidis. Both men land their jabs. There's just nothing much happening; Crawford is content to sit back and wait for the counter and Prescott just isn't punching. Prescott lands a right downstairs, eats a solid counter hook from Crawford. Crawford continues stinging Prescott. Another clear round for Crawford, 40-36.

Round five: Prescott lands a right amidst a series of jabs from Crawford. Solid left by the American. Crawford doing a great job of picking off Prescott as the latter approaches. Sneaky left this time. Prescott right gets through, then one to the body. Another. Clinch as Breidis tries to bomb his way in. Crawford is briefly pressed into the ropes but spins away. Short right hook by the Nebraskan, stiff jab to clinch. Bleh. 50-45 Crawford.

Round six: Prescott cut from a headbutt. Breidis lands a glancing left hook, eats a good right hook from Crawford and a left. Crawford scoring inside Prescott's wide shots. Right and left by Prescott. They trade left hands. Crawford switches back to orthodox. Quick exchange initiated by Prescott, nothing lands. Crawford with a left downstairs. Clinch. Crawford apparently outlanding Prescott 3 to 1 this round. Clash of heads again, then the bell. 60-54 Crawford.

Round seven: Prescott comes out swinging, but can't land anything before getting tied up. Prescott wings a pair of big hooks and succeeds only in putting himself off balance. Right to the body by Prescott. Crawford with a hard left inside the Colombian's guard. Snapping right hook. Crawford lands hard in close and narrowly avoids Prescott's bombs. Another good left. Prescott lands a left hook and gets briefly wobbled. Both men land lead hooks. One-two by Prescott deflected. They trade left hands to end the round. 70-63 Crawford.

Round eight: Great left-right combo from Crawford. Right to the body from Prescott. Jabs from both. Prescott lands a glancing left. Good series of rights by the American. Technical difficulties mean I miss all but the last thirty seconds of the round. Crawford continues tagging Prescott, especially with his lead right. Prescott needs to go nuts at this point; 80-72.

Round nine: Prescott finally manages to land a solid right while Crawford continues plugging away. Crawford's jab remains his best weapon. Breidis lands a glancing left, Crawford continues landing a steady streak of rights. Left upstairs this time and a thudding right hook. Prescott stalking with no success at the end of the round. 90-81.

Round ten: Prescott caught with a left-right combination. Prescott off balance, eats a series of shots to the body. Big blows to the torso from Crawford and a hard left hook upstairs. Prescott catches him with a left hook. Prescott with a looping right to the body as things slow down. Breidis lands another left to the bonce with no effect. Lefts from both. Crawford taunting Prescott as the clock winds down. Double jab. Fancy footwork to end what I have a complete shutout, 100-90 for Crawford.

Final result: Crawford def. Prescott by decision.


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