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White-out: Bellator bruiser Emanuel Newton trains MMA by clowning hardcore skinheads

Who needs the gym when you have a mosh pit?


I now understand why Muhammed Lawal lost to Emanuel Newton last month in Utah.

What chance did "King Mo" have when he was facing a guy who fights gangs of skinheads in his spare time? That's the word from the streaking "Hardcore Kid," who beat up a bunch of balding bigots at a recent concert, according to his conversation with

"I went to this show -- it wasn't a hardcore show by any means, but maybe some of the older guys would consider it to be hardcore. Strife, in my opinion, was really the only true hardcore band on this show. I guess those skinheads kind of frequent that place. I haven't seen skinheads at a hardcore show since, like, 2001. I saw them, and I was like, ‘Great,' but there were also a lot of hardcore kids who were there to see Strife, and we definitely outnumbered the skinheads. The pit had just started, and I could really tell that they were checking us out. I started circle-pitting, and a guy tried to trip me. I turned and looked, and I knew it was a white power guy. One guy had ‘white power' tattooed on the back of his head. I went over to my friends and told them to keep their eyes open. After I warned my boys, one of those guys came up and just blatantly took a swing at me. I saw it coming, of course, so I slipped it and threw a punch that dropped him and put him out. [His friends] then started jumping in. I think one of them shot a double-leg on me, and I was up against the stage. Then some white power girl came up and started swinging at me. I just tucked my chin, put my head down and said, ‘Go ahead and punch me in my forehead and the top of my head all you want. You're just going to have a broken hand in the morning.' All my buddies jumped in, and they just demolished the guys. I didn't have to do anything more, because all my boys either train MMA or they fight, too. So they came in and just smashed the guys."


Newton (20-7) will try to parlay his recent success into his third straight win for Bellator, when he takes on Mikhail Zayats (21-6) in tonight's continuation of the light heavyweight tournament from the Sun Dome at the University of Southern Florida, live on Spike TV.

Hopefully, the wily Russian hasn't shaved his head prior to fight night.

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