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UFC Quick Quote: 'Pathetic' Dana White explains how he cools down

Dana White was recently at a loss when asked to describe his down time activities and hobbies. Uh-huh ...

Mark Kolbe

"I don't know. Just hanging with my kids is all I do for a hobby. It's pretty pathetic, but all I really do is work, man, but I enjoy it."

-- On any other night, this seemingly innocuous quote from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White would fly well below this mixed martial arts (MMA) radar. But, this isn't just any other night because a. news is slower than Jesse Holland on a Monday morning and b. White released his wild "non-fight week, blog week!" video blog likely just days after describing how he spends his downtime in an interview with Seat WIlliams, co-host of "Gridlock" on ESPN Radio (1100 and 98.9) in Las Vegas to announce his upcoming induction into the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame (read more here). Indeed, White most likely tied up a few loose ends in "Sin City" before packing the boys into his private jet for a testosterone-fueled weekend at his home away from home in Maine. His definition of "pathetic" is clearly different than most.

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