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Dana White video blog: Hot sauce, guns and warp speed in Maine

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is on a rare three-week break, which gives company president Dana White more time to goof off with his friends, including "Nick the Tooth," at his home away from home in Maine. And this one comes with a disclaimer: "In no way shape or form am I endorsing that you do any of this stuff. Do not do what me and my idiot friends do in my video blog."

Not fight week, blog week!

Ultimate Fighting Championship is nearing its second mixed martial arts (MMA) event-less weekend, with more than a fortnight between UFC 158, which took place on March 16, 2013, and the upcoming UFC on Fuel TV 9 in Sweden on April 6, 2013.

And that calls for the hottest hot sauce on the planet with a Jack Daniels cannonball ... several.

Guns, explosives, udder-sucking and motorcycles are also on the menu. The latter of which is interesting, considering White declared a few months ago that he doesn't mind if his fighters ride motorcycles as long as it wasn't their "main means of transportation."

It's a policy that apparently doesn't apply to executive-level management.

Despite high-profile injuries to former Heavyweight champion Frank Mir (of the nearly career-ending variety) and current Featherweight champion Jose Aldo (fortunately, of the much more minor level) and the paralyzation of boxer Paul Williams, the big boss man mounted a dash-cam and cranked up his crotch rocket to ludicrous speed.

Pant-shitting 125 miles per hour (MPH) to be precise.

Imagine the uproar if he'd hurt himself or, God-forbid, someone else? It'd be the biggest story in this corner of the world for months. But, White has always marched to the beat of his own drum, so despite the close calls by Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones in his motorized engine and Lightweight Donald Cerrone doing his own extreme sport, he's always going to do whatever he wants.

That's part of the reason he's a name himself, but as the old Spiderman saying goes, "With great power comes ..." Let's just say Cory Braiterman is not too thrilled with the idea of the big boss man doing something reckless (and illegal) that could hurt himself -- and the sport -- badly.

Until next time ... if he survives the wild weekend with the boys.

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