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UFC Quick Quote: Jordan Mein and Tarec Saffiedine didn't look nearly as good against Tyron Woodley

Current UFC welterweight standout Tyron Woodley wants fans to remember that before Tarec Saffiedine and Jordan Mein scored their breakout performances in their last bouts, they looked very human against him as he worked his way up the Strikeforce welterweight division. Check out exactly what he had to say below.


"A lot of people don't realize it until they look back in hindsight. People don't realize that Jordan Mein didn't look like he did against Dan Miller or how he did against Tyler Stinson (against me). The kid's phenomenal. So me beating him, beating Tarec Saffiedine - if you watched these guys against somebody else, these guys are showcasing great skills, and none of these guys were able to do that to me. I won every striking war between Tarec, Paul Daley, and Jordan, and now people see what I mean when I said I had to earn my title shot. I had to go out and fight Andre Galvao, who is one of the best grapplers on Planet Earth. If I slip on a banana peel he wraps his arms around my neck and it might be a wrap. I think it's just good that people can go back, look at my resume, and see the people that I've beaten."

--Tyron Woodley had a solid run in Strikeforce, although it didn't finish the way he wanted to. While he may have lost his shot for the Strikeforce 170 pound title in 2012, he tells that he can be proud of the fact that current UFC welterweight studs Tarec Saffiedine and Jordan Mein were both completely neutralized by his wrestling and striking attack as he worked his way up Strikeforce's talented welterweight division. Woodley's UFC debut went much better than his Strikeforce career ended, scoring a devastating 36 second knockout against Jay Hieron at UFC 156. Woodley is slated to face former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields at UFC 161 this June. Will he continue his streak of making Strikeforce standouts look mortal?

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