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WSOF 2 results recap: Justin Gaethje vs Gesias Cavalcante fight review and analysis has a complete breakdown and analysis of Justin Gaethje's huge lightweight victory over Gesias Cavalcante in the opening bout of the World Series of Fighting 2 main card. How did he remain unbeaten? Find out below.

One of MMA's brightest young lightweight prospects got the opportunity of a lifetime last night (March 23, 2013) as unbeaten Justin Gaethje took on longtime veteran Gesias Cavalcante in the opening bout of the World Series of Fighting II main card in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

A lesser prospect may have been intimidated by Cavalcante's track record, which has spanned over nine years and saw him reach the pinnacle of the top 155-ers in the sport, but Gaethje was having none of it, going after "JZ" from the opening seconds all the way until the fight was stopped.

Gaethje attacked Cavalcante with punches and kicks so aggressively that he was knocking himself off balance, popping back to his feet before the Blackzilian could react and going right after him again with a steady tide of heavy blows.

His aggression paid off as Cavalcante seemed caught completely off guard and was overwhelmed in the clinch, eating a torrent of uppercuts and knees.

Cavalcante tried to hang on, perhaps work for a takedown, but by the midway point of the first round a gash had opened up so heavily on his forehead that it needed to be addressed by the cageside physician.

The placement of the cut over the luta livre fighter's left eye was not a good and when the doctor opened up the cut to get a better look, it was obvious that the gash was very deep and was not going to be simply clotted up with vaseline. The doctor's hand was forced and the bout was stopped, giving Gaethje his eighth straight victory to start out his career.

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