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WSOF 2 results: David Branch scores dominant one-sided decision over Paulo Filho

You never know which Paulo Filho is going to show up these days, but it's likely no one expected the former WEC middleweight champion to get dominated like he did tonight on the World Series of Fighting 2 main card. Find out how David Branch scored a big victory below.

Photo by Josh Hedges via Getty Images

Two veteran middleweights battled it out for supremacy tonight (March 23, 2013) as David Branch took on Paulo Filho on the World Series of Fighting II main card in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

With Filho's history as a WEC champion, many were hoping this would be a good test for Branch, but the bout was completely one-sided in favor of the American. The only drams for this fight was chance that Filho wouldn't show up after suffering a panic attack in Brazil.

Filho looked inspired early, going after Branch on the feet, but that was too reckless and countered easily by a takedown from the Renzo Gracie black belt. Branch worked half guard, unloading punches into Filho's midsection as the Brazilian covered up and looked to completely demoralize the former WEC middleweight champion.

Filho tried to get something going in the second round but Branch worked him over on the feet with his superior range, solid punches and knees before taking him down once more. Even after working his way back to his feet, Filho could get nothing going, winging wild haymakers and setting up an easy takedown for Branch.

On the canvas, Branch pinned down one of Filho's arms in the crucifix and began blasting him with a series of right hands to the face with little to no resistance offered by the Brazilian in an extremely one-sided round.

It looked like the fight might be stopped between rounds and it probably should have been, but Filho came out, threw a head kick, fell to his back and Branch pounced with more huge shots to the head and body on the ground. The bout was so one-sided that the fans booed the referee for not stopping it in the third as Branch unloaded unanswered punches to the body and head.

With the bout brought to the feet with 90 seconds left, Branch systematically picked Filho apart before scoring a takedown with 10 seconds left to seal the deal.

When it came time for the judges to render their decision, it was a no-brainer as Branch was awarded a dominant unanimous decision victory with scores of 30-26, 30-27 and 30-27.

In his post-fight interview, Branch asked for a middleweight title shot and commentator Bas Rutten suggested he take on fellow WSOF 2 winner Danillo Villefort. Do you like the idea of that fight, Maniacs?

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