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GLORY 5 results recap: Tyrone Spong knocks out Remy Bonjasky in London

"The Flying Gentleman" flew south for the winter, hitting the canvas in the main event of GLORY 5 on Saturday night in London. Here's how it all went down.


"King of the Ring" is sounding more and more accurate as time goes by.

Taking a break from his nascent mixed martial arts (MMA) career, Dutch striking machine Tyrone Spong entered the GLORY ring for the first time this afternoon, taking on three-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion Remy Bonjasky in the main event of GLORY 5: "London." In his fourth fight back since a nearly three-year hiatus, Bonjasky was intent to prove he could still hang with the new breed of strikers represented by Spong.

No such luck.

Spong's 10-year youth advantage was in full effect early on as he walked Bonjasky down, trading heavy kicks with the legend and pounding away with body shots. Despite getting consistently forced into the ropes and corners, Bonjasky was game as could be, focusing fire on Spong's leg and body and keeping him at range enough to make it out of the round.

Spong would not be denied, though, stalking Remy and once again pushing him back into the ropes as soon as the bell rang for the second round. Showing his veteran savvy, Remy locked up the Thai clinch and landed a beautiful knee on Spong's jaw.

Only for the "King of the Ring" to tank the shot and blow him away with an overhand right (see it in slow motion here), sending Bonjasky tumbling through the ropes.

It was a fantastic win for Spong, just 27 and hitting his prime. He's proven himself one of the top heavyweights on the planet despite originally moving up from middleweight. On the other hand, now 2-2 in his comeback, Bonjasky may seriously need to consider retirement; he just doesn't have the speed or power anymore to handle guys like Spong, Ghita, or Saki. His legacy is firmly established, he has his academy, and there's nothing left for him to prove. I'd rather not see him get wiped out like that again.

For quick results and full play-by-play of the GLORY 5 card, which featured some quality scraps and knockouts, click here.

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