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Mistaken identity? Photo controversy mars list of '25 Best Celebrity Asses' featuring UFC's Arianny Celeste

¿Quién es esa niña? ... who's that girl?

Mark Kolbe

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste is a beautiful woman with a great rack. Why do you think she made the cover of Playboy and Maxim, among others?

But does she have one of the best asses in the celebrity world?

Well ... uh ... probably not. That calls into question the recent list of "25 Best Celebrity Asses" by Complex Pop Culture. Celeste ranked number 11 with a caption that read, "The hottest UFC ring girl clearly has the qualifications to deserve her title."

Click pic to enlarge.

Here's where it gets dicey.

The photo (part of this series) at first glance, appears to be Celeste shadowboxing in front of a mirror. In actuality, she's standing opposite former Octagon Girl Chandella Powell, who's voluptuous booty is prominently displayed in the foreground. Arianny's keister is hunched over with only 1.5 cheeks showing in a distant reflection.


Did some careless intern credit Celeste for the bootyful bottom of Powell? As of now, an investigation is currently underway, but I need all the Ass Men in our audience to weigh the evidence and make an informed decision in the comments section below.

We need to have this case solved, no ifs, ands or butts.

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