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Miesha Tate: I have nothing against transgender people, but I wouldn't fight Fallon Fox

"Cupcake" has enough to worry about, like Cat Zingano at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 Finale next month in Las Vegas. But even if Miesha Tate had an open schedule, she wouldn't be in any kind of hurry to face off against Fallon Fox.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Undefeated featherweight and embattled transgender fighter Fallon Fox is hoping to one day compete in the ranks of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

She may not get much of a warm welcome if she does.

Former Strikeforce bantamweight champion and top female 135-pound contender Miesha Tate recently told ESPN that she believes Fox has a right to live her life anyway she chooses, but once you step inside the cage, you have someone else's life to worry about, too.

Says "Cupcake:"

"I wouldn't do it. If there was solid research that [proved] she's 100 percent like a female, then I might consider it. I have nothing against transgender people. You should live your life however you want. It's about fighter safety. I wouldn't feel comfortable getting in with someone who is a woman but developed as a man. I just don't think it would be safe. I just have a lot of questions and I don't feel there's been enough research to safely say it's okay for Fallon Fox to fight other females. My concern is that she went through puberty as a man. Does that change bone density? Does it change her body frame? I understand she wants to be viewed as a female. I get it. That's fine, but it's not fine if you may have a physical advantage and may be able to really hurt someone."

Born Boyd Burton (see the before and after pic here), Fox has come under investigation by Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation, following her first-round knockout win at Championship Fighting Alliance (CFA) earlier this month in Coral Gables.

Fox told Inside MMA that she feels it shouldn't be required for transgender fighters to be forced to disclose their personal medical history to other female fighters before they fight. Tate however, disagrees, insisting that "it should be an opponent's choice whether they want to fight her or not."

We'll soon find out whether or not the athletic commissions agree.

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