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UFC Quick Quote: Chris Weidman out to 'fu** up' Dana White's 'super fight' plans for Anderson Silva

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Chris Weidman is so confident he will defeat middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 162 that he apologized in advance to company president Dana White for having to "fu** up" his future "super fight" plans that include "The Spider."

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

"I talked to Chris Weidman myself. Guy looks me right in the eye and says, 'I'm telling you, I apologize that I'm going to f**k up all your super-fights and I'm gonna be your next champion. What I will do for you is I'll give him (Silva) an immediate rematch in Madison Square Garden as soon as he loses."

-- Undefeated (9-0, 5-0 UFC) mixed martial arts (MMA) standout Chris Weidman isn't short on confidence ahead of his UFC 162 title fight against current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, which goes down on July 6, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Serra-Longo-trained fighter is so confident he is going to defeat the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world -- something no one has been able to do for the last seven years -- that he issued the "Spider" and immediate rematch at Madison Square Garden in New York, N.Y., after the pair collide at UFC 162 this Fourth of July weekend. Today, "All-American" upped his own ante, apologizing in advance to company president Dana White (via ESPN) for being the one to "fuck up" his "super" plans to pit Silva against Welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre (more on that here) and Light Heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones (more on that here) before the Brazilian, 37, calls its quits. Is Weidman being dangerously overconfident ahead of the biggest fight of his young MMA career or is he the one who can solve the Silva riddle?