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UFC 158 SpyGate: Was Georges St. Pierre tipped off to Nick Diaz's 'unique' ground moves prior to title fight?

SpyGate! Team Diaz suggests there may have been some espionage prior to the 170-pound world title title that took place this weekend (March 16, 2013) at UFC 158. Cesar Gracie, the head trainer for Nick Diaz, is suspicious of Georges St. PIerre, who he suggests knew what was coming and remained one step ahead of his fighter.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

As if backstage altercations, run-ins with the law and steroid accusations weren't enough drama for you, there may have been some additional funny business afoot ahead of the UFC 158 main event between Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Cesar Gracie, Diaz's head trainer, stopped short of saying he had a mole in his camp, a former team member who may have tipped off St. Pierre to what the jiu-jitsu black belt's gameplan was going to be once the fight hit the ground, which it did repeatedly throughout the 25-minute affair.

Because, how else could "Rush" -- who cruised to a dominant unanimous decision victory -- seemingly being one step ahead of Diaz once on the ground?

Gracie explained during his recent stop on "The MMA Hour" when asked if Diaz would beat "GSP" in a rematch:

"I think it would have to be a complete gameplan switch on what happened and training a little bit different and everything. There was some stuff, it's almost like "GSP" really knew the moves that Nick was going to do from bottom. It's interesting, you know? That's my idea watching the fight. It was really weird. Because Nick does stuff that's very unique and he hasn't even, he does it in grappling but he doesn't necessarily do it in fighting. And he was doing it more in fighting and it was kind of like, wait a minute, this guy is like one step ahead, he knows was kind of odd. Almost like someone from our team, or something, not a current member, you know? I don't know, it was one of those things, but, that's whatever, I don't want to make out an issue at all. I don't know without all the facts."

The Stockton slugger suggested a similar possibility during his post-fight interview with FUEL TV; however, he attributed it to pictures taken by Sherdog's Jeff Sherwood, Pictures of him "snatching up fools in kneebars" during his training camp, which eventually made their way onto the Internet and ultimately in front of the wily French-Canadian.

Hmmm ....

Meanwhile, it's likely that "Rush" is a brilliant student of the game and did his homework prior to the fight to nullify Diaz's crafty submission game. One that might not be all that "unique."

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