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Update: Nick Diaz not arrested this weekend, but two acquaintances were

Word is out and, thankfully, recent two-time UFC welterweight title contender Nick Diaz was not arrested this past weekend, although a couple of his buddies are probably in trouble with the law.


Recent (March 16, 2013) UFC 158 Welterweight title challenger Nick Diaz may have been telling the truth when he tweeted, "F***, they got us" while sitting curbside next to a police cruiser after having been pulled over (The Tweet has since been deleted).

But, he wasn't the one who was in trouble, according to a report from TMZ.

Check out what the entertainment news site uncovered after checking into the situation with the Citrus Heights, Calif., police department:

Sgt. David Moranz from the Citrus Heights PD tells TMZ the driver of the car was arrested on an outstanding warrant and another passenger in the car was arrested for possession of concentrated cannabis ... but Diaz 'was never arrested and was released without incidents from the scene.'

Fortunately, Diaz -- who dropped a clear unanimous decision to Georges St. Pierre at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada -- didn't make his weekend even worse by getting busted after losing his 170-pound title fight like a certain former light heavyweight champion.

Now, all he has to worry about is passing the post-fight drug test, which is no guarantee, either.