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Cesar Gracie sounds off on UFC 158’s Nick Diaz’s tax issues, problems with his corner and retirement talk

If anyone knows what goes on inside Nick Diaz's head -- or can at least understand better than most -- it's his trainer Cesar Gracie. Appearing on "The MMA Hour," Gracie tried to clear up many of the UFC 158 post-fight issues that surfaced involving his star pupil.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

After the dust settled in Montreal Quebec, Canada following UFC 158, Georges St. Pierre walked out of the cage the Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) Welterweight champion and Nick Diaz was left to pick up the pieces following his second consecutive loss.

He also retired from the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) ... for the second straight time.

At the UFC 158 post-fight press conference, the Stockton slugger sounded off on his loss to "Rush," his quest for a rematch and his desire to face current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, as well as revealing he doesn't pay taxes.

Oh, and there was also his run-in with Johnny Law.

Many felt Diaz's retirement comments were said in the heat of the moment and found his tax-evading confessions rather odd. His head trainer, Cesar Gracie, stopped by "The MMA Hour" today (March 18, 2013) to clear up all the issues.

On whether or not he thinks Diaz is really going to retire after his second straight loss inside the Octagon:

"I never listen to anybody after a fight. I've been in this sport for many years, before it was a sport. The emotional level is so high after a fight. And there's so many things that you're thinking in a different way than what you're going to think the day after a fight or the week after a fight. That's why I think these fighters shouldn't retire in a ring. Do it before a fight or after a fight. Everything is up to Nick. I kind of understand his mentality. If he has to fight young guys who haven't put their time in the UFC or MMA, it's not motivational to Nick. He wants big fights. Like, guys in the news that people are talking about. He wants big fights to motivate himself."

On the reason he wasn't in Diaz's corner during his title fight against St. Pierre:

"What happened was, I got there kind of late the day before. I missed the meeting with the commission out there and they wanted everybody there. They were kind of sweating Nick and those guys about me. I put my paperwork in much earlier, obviously. And, I've never dealt with the Montreal commission before, so all of a sudden they said, ‘he's got to be here to do this and that.' They needed a picture or something like that. So, unfortunately for us, Nate didn't have that. So I brought my cousin out there, Kron Gracie. He has a fight coming up, so he needed to train while he was out there. So he brought him out there and he was just going to watch because Nate doesn't like to corner his brother that much. And they switched it up real quick, that's what happened."

On Nick's revelation that he doesn't pay taxes:

"When you talk about taxes, hey, I'm not an accountant, obviously and that's a man's personal business. But, since he alluded to it, people have been texting me worried about it. It's fine. He has paid taxes. That's the weird thing. I think he misspoke. It's about filing. When I talked to Nick a couple of years ago it was about some tax issue he was having."

Gracie went on to say Diaz has paid "hundreds of thousands of taxes" and that he isn't in a James Toney or Wesley Snipes situation.

There you go folks, Diaz isn't exactly evading the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), not having Cesar in his corner wasn't a big underlying issue and he may have spoke prematurely about retirement ... again.

Now, if we can just get those UFC 158 post-fight drug test results in.