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Was Nick Diaz arrested? 'They got us,' claims embattled UFC welterweight

Legitimate jail time? Or epic troll job?


Convenient timing.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight number one contender, Nick Diaz, who claims he's never paid taxes in his life, recently tweeted a picture of himself sitting curbside in the presence of police cruisers with a cryptic message.

"Fuck, they got us."

The tweet (via Bleacher Report) has since been deleted, but naturally the mixed martial arts (MMA) community is abuzz with what it all means, which quite frankly, might be be nothing. Diaz could be trolling the web in an effort to keep his name in the headlines, or perhaps he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It's hard to tell by the two additional police pics posted to his Instagram account.

Maybe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was watching the UFC 158 post-fight press conference (watch it here), where Diaz admitted to short-changing the government over the course of his combat sports career. That means a good chunk of his payday for fighting Georges St. Pierre last weekend in Montreal (highlights here) could go bye-bye.

Details are sketchy, at best.

Nevertheless, we'll keep you updated on whether or not this is a legitiate run-in with the law just as soon as more information becomes available.

Stay tuned.

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