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UFC Quick Quote: Ben Askren is '100 percent sure' he could beat Georges St. Pierre

Ben Askren tuned into UFC 158 to see George St. Pierre's "dark side," and was apparently disappointed when it never came.


"After tonight I am 100% sure I could beat GSP. GSP is no longer an aggressive striker. He will not out wrestle or grapple me. He gets tired. Simple enough."

Undefeated Bellator Welterweight Champion Ben Askren (11-0) watched Georges St. Pierre win a unanimous decision against Nick Diaz in the main event of UFC 158 last Saturday night (March 16, 2013) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (see it here), and let's just say he was not impressed by his performance. The "Funky" former Olympian is of the opinion that "Rush" lost his striking edge and was too tired to channel his vaunted "dark side" against the Stockton slugger, a vulnerability Askren believes he would exploit if and when they ever hook 'em up. Assuming the anti-sissy, fresh off a technical knockout win over Karl Amoussou, has equal or better wrestling and can't be jabbed into oblivion, does anyone out there in MMA land believe he's got a shot at defeating "Rush," let along a 100-percent guarantee?

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