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UFC 158 results: Nick Diaz reveals he doesn't pay his taxes; Dana White worried

Nick Diaz appears to have much bigger problems than losing to Georges St. Pierre in the UFC 158 main event after the Stockton, Calif., native revealed following his fight on Saturday night (March 16, 2013) that he has never paid taxes in his life and will probably go to jail.

Following his decisive UFC 158 defeat to Georges St. Pierre at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Nick Diaz made a surprise appearance at the event's post-fight press conference (watch it here) where he revealed some disturbing news.

According to the Stockton, Calif., native, he has never paid income taxes in his life.

"I've never paid taxes in my life and I'll probably go to jail," Diaz said. "No one wants to hear about that, no one wants to hear about that kind of talk or what's really going on with me. I might as well just be a kid."

Media members in attendance, fans watching at home and in particular UFC President Dana White were stunned the 29-year-old would share such personal information in a public forum, and if Diaz is telling the truth he could be in serious trouble, which has White extremely concerned.

"What's sad is, he's got to go pay his taxes, that's going to be (expletive); that will be sad." White told a group of reporters in a media scrum (watch it here) following the post-fight press conference. "If someone doesn't take care of that kid and get him set straight, then you know. He came out here publicly tonight and said he's never paid taxes in his life. Holy (expletive), I mean, that's bad.

"Somebody better handle that with his check and make sure that kid doesn't end up with nothing."

While suffering a defeat in a UFC championship bout would be the biggest problem in a normal mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter's life, for Diaz, the loss to St. Pierre at UFC 158 appears to be the least of his concerns.

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